3 Things Women Say That Are Code for Hooking Up

"Hmm... It seems she is ready for a casual relationship"

“Hmm… It seems she is ready for a casual relationship”

The way that women phrase things in their profiles can be baffling for men. We’re not just talking about the time a woman checked “curvy” when she really should have checked “overweight”, we mean that they put things into a code that can be hard to crack without the key. If you don’t know what you’re looking for you can gloss over tons of women who wanted to have a casual hookup and just didn’t know the right way to say it. Just coming out and using those words is often a sign of desperation; instead, they hint at what they want in these three key ways.

Having an Adventure

When you hear that she wants to have an adventure you probably think that she’s looking for a guy to go white water rafting with or something. You don’t think of a casual fling as an adventure; it’s sex. It’s awesome, and new, and it might contain some unexpected positions but it’s really not the adventure that you want it to be. When women put this into their profiles, though, that’s not how she’s thinking about it. She’s saying that she wants to make some memories. An adventure is something power, exciting, and involves making a lot of unexpected choices. Women are used to having to hide the fact that they’re sexual creatures with a sexual appetite because society is weird. Men want nothing more than to have sex with women, but we still tell women that it’s gross if they really want to have sex too. This leads to women claiming to want to have an adventure with someone when they really mean some inventive hooking up.

Getting Caught up in the Moment

"Want to hook up with her?"

“Want to hook up with her?”

This also ties into a woman wanting to make some memories that are going to last. When a woman says that she wants to get caught up in the moment, that’s like saying that she wants an excuse to hook up. She doesn’t want to have to feel like there’s nothing she can do to get sexual gratification. She isn’t easy for going along with what you want, she’s just following her instincts in the moment. The whole experience was so intense and overwhelming that she’s basically just getting caught up in the flow of things. This sounds more romantic than “I couldn’t think of anything else to do but have a lot of sex in my kitchen.” Don’t worry if you’re not a romantic guy; this is just the code she has to use to save face.

Hanging out Alone

Hanging out alone makes it sound like you’re best friends who are enjoying each other’s company instead of strangers enjoying each other’s bodies. If she wants to hang out alone, she’s being as obvious as she can that she’s ready and willing. If you’re up for it, this is a gold plated invitation to invite her over to your place so you won’t be interrupted. Then you can just put on a movie and see where that takes you.


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