4 Things to Never Say in Your Profile If You Want to Get Laid

"What shall I write in my dating profile?"

“What shall I write in my dating profile?”

Most guys don’t know how easy it is to sabotage their own profiles. If you’re wondering why you’re not getting any bites on a hookup site there’s a chance that you’re crippling your chances before you even get out of the gate. There are some things men say that just rub women the wrong way, or throw up red flags. If you want to up the odds that she’s going to look at you sexually, all you have to do is make sure that you’ve taken these four things out of your profile.

Demean Women for Having Sex

This is pretty simple logic here, but a lot of guys still miss it. Don’t go on hookup sites and say that you want a no drama, no strings friends with benefits relationship because you’re sick of easy women who don’t deserve respect. If you shame women for wanting to have sex with you (calling her a hoe or a slut counts) then no woman is going to want to have sex with you. Honestly, mocking women for having sex is basically shooting yourself in the foot. Let her have sex. Let her have tons of sex. Let her have sex with you immediately and frequently.

You’re a Hot Tempered Guy

"Don't mention that you are hot tempered even if you are"

“Don’t mention that you are hot tempered even if you are”

A lot of men who say that they have a temper add it in because they think it will make them sound exciting. They have a hot temper. They’re a real bad boy. If they’re also into kinky stuff, they feel like having a temper would make them a better Dom. It’s supposed to be something fun to play around with in bed. In real life, however, women stay away from men with anger control issues like the plague. The number one fear among women who hookup online is that a man is going to murder them. (Guys mostly fear that they’ll accidentally hookup with a fat woman.) So anything that you could do to seem less like a murderer is going to help your hookup odds.

You’re a Sensitive Guy

Sensitivity is good if you’re trying to build an online dating profile. Women love to date sensitive men, but they don’t want to be with them for a hookup. Sensitivity is going to get you lots of dates but not that many hookups. If you want to have a fun hookup, what you should do is focus on her and what you could give to her. Being with you is a great idea because then she could experience (insert your perks here, whether that’s a huge dick or a great date idea.)

You’re in an Open Relationship

Women don’t like open relationships even for hookups for one simple reason: men lie about it. Men lie about it all the time. Men say that they have a girlfriend but it’s an open relationship just to screw around with women from the internet. Then all of a sudden she’s the woman that you’re cheating with, and she doesn’t want that. If you’re really just looking to hookup ask your girlfriend if you can leave your relationship off the profile.


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