Avoiding the Romantic Stereotypes

When it comes to using finder sites, you’ve really got to meet up with ladies that are interested in hooking up. That’s the goal of the site, after all, and if you end up playing to too many romantic stereotypes, that’s just honestly not going to ever end up going well for you at all. Once you figure this out, you’ll be able to have one hell of a lot more fun, and that means that you’ve got to know which stereotypes to end up avoiding in the first place. Fortunately, we can really end up helping you with that overall.

The Dinner and Movie Date

"Don't take her for a movie on the first date"

“Don’t take her for a movie on the first date”

First and foremost, you need to understand that a dinner and movie date is intensely overrated in many different forms. You’ve got to realize that there’s no worse idea if you want to get to know one another than a movie, because ultimately, you’re just going to be sitting there for hours without being able to talk. This is also just a generic, romantic idea that really doesn’t fly for hookups, so throw this one out of the window.

The Romantic Night in the Park

Romantic nights out in the park are a stereotype that just plain doesn’t work out for hooking up nowadays. That’s because ultimately, these ladies are going to probably be creeped out by the idea, and think that you’re going to end up molesting them in the dead of night or something even worse than that. Suggesting a walk in the park with a girl that you just met is probably going to be met with some serious nerves, so make sure that you keep this in mind and try to not bring this kind of idea up with girls that you’re trying to be with.

The Kiss at the Doorstep

"Don't kiss her while going, it means a lot"

“Don’t kiss her while going, it means a lot”

It’s one thing to kiss her during sex, but it’s something else to end up kissing her at the doorstep when you’ve left her house or hotel room. That’s just not a good idea, because it’s going to make her think that you’re wanting one hell of a lot more out of this kind of relationship than she is. It’s not only going to give off some pretty bad signals, but it’s going to make her think that you’re ultimately just climbing the wrong tree and trying to be kind of a clingy date overall.

Walking Her to Her Car

Don’t walk her to her car. She knows where it is, and unless she actually asks for that, she’s probably going to end up thinking that you’re getting way too pushy and clingy for her overall. You don’t want to go that route, so let her get her things and go out to her car herself. You can walk her to the door, but that’s honestly as far as it needs to go. Avoiding these kinds of romantic stereotypes is ultimately going to make your night that much more enjoyable, so make sure that you remember this in general with your hookups.


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