Faking Action-Star Good Looks

When you’re trying to find a casual hook-up online you want to make sure that you put your best pictures up. It’s still you, and if you make sure it’s the better side of you you’re going to have a better chance of finding someone you want to bang. There’s no rocket science involved, but you definitely can use a few tricks to make sure that you look your best. Even after you go to meet her, you can still fake action-star good looks with little effort. Try these three easy tips to fake it until you make it.

For Your Picture

"Take the perfect angles for your profile pictures"

“Take the perfect angles for your profile pictures”

When you’re getting ready to take your profile pictures, you want to use everything you can to look ripped and show off your angles. First you’re going to buy some cheap makeup. Go to a drugstore like CVS and find some eye shadow that is a powder. It has to be brown colors that aren’t all that much darker than your skin. The idea here is to make shadows look more pronounced. When you look in the mirror with a light above you you’ll see that there are natural shadows on your face. Get a color that is about the same as the shadow. The most important part of this is that you make sure that there isn’t any sparkly crap in it. If you use one that is sparkly you’ll end up looking like the teen heartthrob that’s never taken seriously and it will show up on your camera like nobody’s business. Get a fluffy brush while you’re at it. Then go home and start contouring yourself. Wherever those shadows hit, add a little of that brown powder. If you’re planning on going shirtless then do the same to where you should have some abs. Just a little will do, you’ll see when you take test photos where you need to fix, darken, and lighten.

For Real Life

"Try your best to look like a star in real life"

“Try your best to look like a star in real life”

In real life you can still contour all of those shadowy places, but you’ll have to do it a little bit less. Until you get really good at it, go for the lighter hand and barely use any powder. She’ll be able to tell if you suddenly have brown squares on your face. Blend everything out when using that fluffy brush so you don’t have any harsh lines where the powder ends and your skin begins. Since you don’t have photo-trickery here, then go hard….moderately. Working out will obviously make you look a lot more buff, but you’ll have to put effort into that. We promised minimal effort. About ten minutes before you go to leave to see her, do some pushups and shoulder exercises. You’ll get the blood rush that makes your muscles look swoll, but you won’t get all sweaty and have to spend hours at the gym. It will wear off, but it’s the first impression that really matters. When you hookup later on your body will be getting all of the workout that it needs to keep your muscles looking awesome.


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