Finding Her Over an MMORPG

If you’re reading this then the chances are that you know what an MMORPG is, but maybe you just haven’t found the glory that is this thing yet. An MMORPG is a massive multiplayer online role playing game such as World of Warcraft or Runescape. They tend to be quite nerdy, but they also give huge character range and play which is their appeal. They also let people harvest pretty realistic relationships, which is why a lot of nerds do really like it. Many people find their girlfriends or online lovers over these types of games, and it’s not to be discounted for you. If you want to find a relationship and keep your head in the game then read on.

Is It a Her?

The first thing you’ve got to realize is that most of the time the female characters and being played by men and vice versa. So you have to decide how comfortable you are with the fact that your lady may in fact be a guy. Or maybe you’ll be okay with seeing a male character, but know that it’s a lady playing him. The gender roles can be pretty screwed up, but if you’re willing to get over that or lie to yourself about it then this will be a lot easier.

Get to Her

"Get close to her in the game and show some skills"

“Get close to her in the game and show some skills”

Finding a lady online isn’t as hard as you’d think. Find a character that is female first of all, since the women playing men are actually hard to find. Quest together and learn to rely on each other to advance in the game. From there on you’ll notice almost right away that there is a bond between you. You can chat to each other and eventually you’ll be able to know what to do without needing to type it. That almost definitely leads you to something more, if you want it. Be direct with them about wanting to quest together more often and use flirty emoticons and signs like the <3 to represent your feelings. It's lame in real life, but MMORPGs are fairly forgiving.

Propose in Game

"Propose her in the game itself"

“Propose her in the game itself”

We’re not talking about proposing for marriage, although some couples do that. We’re talking about proposing to be online lovers. Get her some rare trinket that she’s always wanted or go on a quest that she’s had her heart set on. Then when you’re done you can message her that you have feelings. Most of the time they’ll be returned since online love isn’t as scary as a person in front of you saying it. From then on you may contact each other via email, text, or phone call. But don’t rush yourself. Staying on the server together may be enough. Just keep in mind that now that you’re something, you can’t start getting cyber jealous or anything. It’s just like any other Internet romance: you’re honest, but respect each other enough to be up front with any boundaries that you don’t want crossed. With some simple rules you’ll be able to make it work.


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