Getting Your Profile Pic to Look Ripped

Profile pictures are like business cards. When you’re on an adult dating site there are so many people using that your profile pic is all that they look at most of the time. Make it dynamic, like a catchy business card, so that she knows that you’re the guy she wants to get with. But to make such an impression you’re going to have to go above and beyond the other guys. Looking ripped is one way to do that, but who really has the hours to put into a gym rat body? Luckily there are ways that you can get your profile picture to look swoll without ever having to step foot into a gym.

Tan Your Can

"Take your picture in such a way that you look slim"

“Take your picture in such a way that you look slim”

It’s made out to be a girly habit, but tanning actually makes you look thinner and shades your muscles for definition. Having the darker skin tone helps darken the naturally occurring shadows that you can play with by pointing a light at you while you take your pic. The darker shadows act like a contour and make the muscles pop. You should probably get this professionally done since most people in general don’t do fake tan well. You could look orange or end up having tell-tale signs like weirdly colored palms.

Quick Pumps

Right before you take your profile pic drop down and do as many pushups as you can. When you start to feel the burn do two more and then flip over for sit-ups. These two exercises will bring blood pumping to your shoulders and abs, which are the glory muscles that women tend to be attracted to. They’ll look swollen for a little while and then will go back to normal. But you just need them to stick around long enough to take a picture. Do this little routine often enough and you may end up with real muscles there.

Wear the Right Colors

"Don't wear light colored clothes for your profile picture"

“Don’t wear light colored clothes for your profile picture”

Just because you’re trying to make your profile picture look ripped doesn’t mean that you have to pose naked or anything. Get a plain white t-shirt that fits well. White is a good color for making you look bulkier. Just like everyone relies on black to make them look thinner, the opposite color will have the opposite effect. If you really need to you can use shoulder pads or something under it, but that’s reserved for if you happen to have weak shoulder definition.

As Well As the Right Fit

Fit is even more important than color. Shirts should be slightly loose over the stomach but fitted in the chest and shoulder area. This gives you the triangular look that women want to have sex with. Pants that are your size are absolutely necessary. A slim cut that fits at the hips shows off that you are defined there, again, lending to the triangle theory. If you really aren’t sure what fits you (move out of your mother’s house) then ask the sales lady what she thinks. There are men who can give the same advice, but they only work in higher class stores, so if you’re at a big-box place then stick to the ladies.


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