How Keywords Can Help You Find the Best Dating Site

Most of us don’t realize it when we’re looking for a dating site but the words that you type into your search engine make a huge difference. While some catchall terms will get you a huge response (like “dating site”, “adult friend finder”, or “date single women”) there are varied words that you can use to get you the site that actually works. We all have different needs when it comes to dating. You wouldn’t go to a club that your chubby-chasing friend likes if you weren’t into larger women, so why would you use a site that does the same thing? Get with the program and figure out what key words will get you the most success when dating online.

What Are You Looking For?

"Know what you actually want"

“Know what you actually want”

Search engines can handle a few extra words, so don’t be afraid to use them. Before you go hunting online, make a list of the qualities that you want in a woman. This is your PERFECT woman, so don’t hold back. Does she like to cook? Maybe she can beat a man at arm wrestling. Perhaps she really loves hiking. Whatever it is that she is into, write down and then narrow your list even further. Once you’ve gotten an idea of the type of woman you’re looking for head to the Internet. So, she’s got to be someone that enjoys cooking, hiking, making stuff, and survival shows. Sounds like an outdoorsy Jane is your winning date. Typing in keywords like “date single hikers”. You might think that there isn’t a site for it, but there are actually hundreds. From there you pick one that seems to have the most in your dating pool. If you’d like to get even more specific, try “single scientist dating site”. It exists, so what you’re looking for does too.

Picking the Site

"Pick the best site according to your choice"

“Pick the best site according to your choice”

As you’ve probably found, there are tons of dating sites out there for all types of people. You don’t want to use one just because it’s been on the list for your keywords. Thankfully, you can actually use those same keywords to dwindle the sites themselves down. When you’re searching there will be a section near the bar that lets you get even more specific. You can choose to show sites that have a certain word order, pertain to your region, were updated recently, etc. all by going into the advanced search option. Then you’ll be able to see what comes up and will work best for you. Of course you’ll also want to follow the typical rules when it comes to a site: avoid too many graphics or ads, don’t give them money up front, don’t give them your credit card information, and do keep an eye out for a clean setup of the website, and so on. We all know what a legit site looks like by now, even if you may not realize it. Just look at popular sites that you use every day and keep it as a reference for your dating sites.


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