How to Build Confidence to Get What You Want from Women

It’s true that women love a man who holds himself well. The problem with confidence is that it’s kind of like the experience you need to get a job; in order to get it, you have to already have it. Just like every teenager can eventually find his first job, every guy with no dating success can eventually build up the confidence he needs to attract the sexy kind of women he wants to date. Here’s how to start from nothing to get to the top.

Decide You Can Withstand Rejection

One of the best ways to handle rejection is to go into it knowing that you’ll be okay. Rejection is like the delayed onset muscle soreness of the dating world. It’s going to happen, especially when you’re working hard, and while it’s happening it’s going to suck. Then it’s going to be over, and you’re going to be fine. Get into the proper mindset to handle the burn and things will go even more smoothly. A great thing about hooking up online is that you’re going to get more rejections and more opportunities, but they’re going to hurt less. Grit your teeth and muscle through.

Improve Yourself in Some Way

"Go for a new hairstyle"

“Go for a new hairstyle”

What do you think is the biggest thing holding you back? What about you is the least attractive thing that’s actually getting in the way of you hooking up and being happy? For a lot of guys, this thing is their weight. You don’t have to lose 50 pounds to feel like a sex machine. All you have to do is lose 5. Set yourself a small goal and you’ll be surprised how easy it can be to accomplish it. Of course, once you’ve got that 5 pounds off you’re allowed to feel great about it. This one accomplishment will be the boost you need to start feeling good about yourself.

Keep Accomplishing Goals in Other Areas

You don’t have to lose 5 pounds every couple weeks to keep feeling sexy. Just pick different, small goals and keep on doing them. Everything that you accomplish will help you feel better about yourself than you did before. Everything that you can add to the list of “Why women are lucky to have me” will be bringing up your confidence level and making the base assumption (women should be lining up to get with you) more true.

Join in the Guy Talk about Women

"Ask your friends about their experiences with women"

“Ask your friends about their experiences with women”

When it’s been awhile men tend to think that it’s harder to get with women than it actually is. The truth is that fat guys get hot women, and stupid guys get hot women, and boring guys get lots and lots of women. Join in the guy talk around the office or at the gym, and for once actually believe guys who tell you that they’re hooking up. If he can find a hot woman willing to look past all his obvious flaws then you know that there’s going to be at least 12 women happy to look past yours.


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