How to Identify an Online Tease

Of all the women that you’ll meet online, the most frustrating kind can be termed the online teases. They pretend that they’re ready and willing to meet up, but they never quite get it to happen. They’ll flirt with you for days and chat all night, but if you actually want to meet up they’ll be nowhere to be seen. Luckily there are ways to tell when one is going to be that way so you don’t pour tons of time and effort into her before you figure out that it’s never going to happen.

Look for a Lot of Pics

"Have a close look at all her pictures"

“Have a close look at all her pictures”

The first thing that an online tease needs is a lot of attention. When you’re on a dating or hookup site, there’s one easy way to get attention: posting a sexy pic. So she will. She’ll do it over and over and over again until her profile is crammed full of sexy pics and you’re getting a nosebleed just looking at them all. This might be a great thing to find for other reasons, but if a woman has more than five or six pictures up on her profile, you know that she’s just in this for the attention.

Look for Overuse of Emotes

When you’re chatting with her, does she punctuate every sentence with an emoticon? This can be a big clue that she’s really an online tease. She wants to be suggestive, but she can’t really do or say anything too explicit because she’s just a tease. So she relies on winks, hearts for eyes, and more to say what she can’t really say herself. These seem to promise a lot but are actually meaningless. Look at what her messages look like without those emotes to ramp them up. Chances are she’s bland as tofu.

Signs off and on Erratically

"Did she sign out?"

“Did she sign out?”

A woman who is serious about hooking up with you won’t just walk away in the middle of the conversation. An online tease is free to sign off and sign in whenever she wants; she’s not looking for anything serious, so she doesn’t care if you’re there or not when she gets back. A woman who really wants to hook up with you will be putting in the effort to make that happen. She’s not going to leave without making sure that either you’ll be back or she can contact you elsewhere.

Always Wishes She Were Closer to You

If a woman always wishes that she could be close to you without ever actually making the effort to move closer to you, or to drive to you, or visit you at all then she doesn’t really want to be closer to you. The online tease makes you think that if something weren’t an issue, like your work schedule or how far away you are, the two of you would be having sex. The truth is that any problem can be circumvented if you want it to be. She could drive out, or you could drive out, or you could plan around your schedules. Online teases make you think there’s nothing to be done.


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