How to Know If You’re Getting Creepy

There are a ton of ways to figure out if you’re getting creepy or not with the ladies that you’re chatting with on these kinds of finder sites, and you do need to make sure that such a thing just plain doesn’t happen. If you can keep that from happening, you’ll definitely end up in a much better place, and you’ll be able to pick up a lot more ladies in the future. That’s the fact of the matter, so being able to recognize your own signs of creepiness is a very important thing without a single doubt.

Is She Not Answering E-mails?

"She hasn't answered my mail yet?"

“She hasn’t answered my mail yet?”

If she abruptly stops answering e-mails from you, that’s a pretty good sign that she’s actually pretty creeped out by something that you did or said, especially if everything was going well up until that point. Maybe you ended up asking something that was way too personal, or maybe you just ended up poking a nerve that you didn’t even realize. That’s a pretty good sign that you’re barking up the wrong tree, and that’s not a good idea for anyone involved.

The One-Word Response

This goes right along with stopping her responses to e-mails. If you’re just getting one-word responses from her, that’s really not going to end up being a good sign. Again, you probably just ended up making her nervous over one thing or another, and that’s not going to be something that you want to continue doing. At this point, it’s better to just apologize for upsetting her in whatever way that you must have, and try to tell her that you won’t ever end up doing such a thing again in your chats with her.

The Nervous Laughter

"She's not laughing from her heart"

“She’s not laughing from her heart”

If you’ve already met up with her in real life, you might find that some girls get into the realm of nervous laughter if you really end up making them feel uncomfortable. That’s not something that you’re ever going to want to deal with, but unfortunately, it really does happen. These girls might just do this as a defense mechanism because they’re afraid that if they actually protest, something bad is going to happen to them. That’s not a good thing at all, of course, but if this happens, it’s time to carefully back up and make sure that you don’t end up hurting her feelings again.

Watch That Body Language

Her body language in real life is going to be a huge indicator of serious creep factor. You don’t want to end up making her feel gross or bad just because you ended up getting too close or saying anything that just really ended up rubbing her the wrong way. You want her to still feel like she can be comfortable around her, so make sure that you chat her up, and make sure that you aren’t constantly having her turn away, avoid eye contact, or want to just end up leaving the room entirely as time goes on.


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