Moving Things from Online to the Bedroom

"Stop saying hi over the internet. It is time to meet her in real life"

“Stop saying hi over the internet. It is time to meet her in real life”

When you’ve gone online to find a casual adult hookup then you can be pretty stoked, but after a while it hits. You’re really going to be having that imaginary woman in your house. That’s right, you’re offering to host because you’re smart. There’s no way you’re going to be jumped by someone or find out that she’s got a guy. You meet up with her for a quick dinner and then head back to your place for some belly thumping. But you’ve got to prepare yourself. Moving things from online to the bedroom is not a quick feet, but with a little effort you’ll be ready in no time.


It doesn’t matter if you want this to be the only time you see her in your life, clean your house. The bathroom, the kitchen, everywhere needs a good cleaning. That means that you take the garbage out. If you shove it into a cupboard she may accidentally find it when she’s looking for a water glass after sex. Make the house presentable enough to walk through but comfortable enough to sit in. The most important part is to clean the bathroom. Women hate nothing more than a gross bathroom, and it will taint the experience if you let it.

Pick a Meeting Place

"Ask her to meet you in real life and suggest a nice meeting point"

“Ask her to meet you in real life and suggest a nice meeting point”

You don’t want this to be some big guy named Samson, but if it is you’ll be ready to ditch him. Have her tell you what her outfit will be when she meets you so that you won’t mistake another woman for her, and then tell her where you’d like to meet. It should be somewhere that’s pretty close by but not so close that you can’t ditch her if you need to. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes these meetings just don’t work out. Grab a quick bite to eat with her so that you know that she’s not insane or meeting her pimp in the area.

Dress for Success

Dress for the occasion by putting on clean, casual, and comfortable clothes. You want to look hot, otherwise she may end up changing her mind about getting down with you. Properly fitting clothes in darker colors will suit any body type out there. Even your underwear should be thought of. No boxers with holes in them or tighty whiteys at all. You’ll look like a frat boy who can’t do his own laundry.

Stock Up

This may be one of the last things on your mind with worrying about your house, how you look, and whether she is actually a he, but having condoms and other paraphernalia on hand is a must. You’ve just met this woman online, so of course you don’t really know anything about her. So have a box of condoms within reach of your bed. If you think things will get freaky then stash them around the house. Being prepared will make her giggle and keep your junk safe. It’s probably a good idea to get some lube, while you’re at it. Never know what nerves will do to her trim.


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