Sex or Relationship: How to Tell When She’s Changed Her Mind

Mostly every guy knows that women can be incredibly hard to read. This means that the margin for error when it comes to any relationship issue is pretty large. You might think you’d be safe from that kind of stuff by hooking up with women you’ve met online, but just the opposite is true. Relationships can have issues no matter how you go about it. For example, if you’ve signed up on an adult finder website, you’re looking for a woman who wants exactly what you want: casual sex with no strings attached. However, does that mean that after you’ve hooked up, things will be smooth sailing? Not necessarily. Emotions might get involved, which means she might end up viewing you as prospective relationship material. To avoid that from happening, you need to learn how to tell when she’s on the verge of changing her mind.

She Wants Non-Sexual Contact

One of the easiest ways to tell if she’s gone from looking at you as a fling to looking at you as possible boyfriend material is if she suddenly wants contact with you in every way BUT sexual. When you first hooked up it was all about getting laid. Now it’s just about spending time together, which is great-IF you’re in an actual relationship. If you just want to keep things all about sex but she suddenly wants to cuddle or just “hang out”, it’s a pretty good indicator that she thinks you might make a good boyfriend.

She Introduces You to People

"She wants her friends to know about your relationship"

“She wants her friends to know about your relationship”

Most of the time, if you’re only getting together for fun between the sheets, you won’t bother introducing each other to your respective social circles because really, what’s the point? If she’s suddenly insistent that you meet all her friends (or even worse, her family) you should be hearing warning bells. She’s insisting on this because she thinks they’d approve of you, and if she wants their approval it’s only because she’s thinking about dating you. If she’s trying to make the rounds and show you off to everyone she knows, it might be time to bail on the situation before it gets messy.

She Has Pet Names for You

It’s not unusual to have pet names for people, even if you’re only interaction with them is to have sex. In that situation, however, it is weird for her to have several pet names for you. The fact that she has so many terms of endearment probably means that you’re on her mind a lot more than she’s on yours. It also means that she’s developed affection for you, which would be great-IF you were actually interested in returning that affection. If the pet names make you uncomfortable, you can always ask her to stop. However, that won’t take care of things if she’s got genuine feelings for you.

She Always Needs to Know Where You Are

"Stop calling me every now and then"

“Stop calling me every now and then”

In a casual, sex-only relationship, you only really need to know where you both are if you’re interested in getting naked and busy. So if she suddenly has an urgent need to know where you are 24/7, it’s because her feelings have grown beyond lust.


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