The 3 Photos You Need in Every Online Profile

Believe it or not, you don’t need to spend hours carefully selecting a portfolio of pictures that capture your good side to post online. The best profiles only carry three photos, and they’re all of only you. You might love your dog (why have a dog if you don’t?) but he shouldn’t be your costar. Your online profile pictures should be of you and you alone. Assume that all of these shots should be of you against a good backdrop, well lit, and without a lot of heavy filters. You want women to get a look at what you’re actually like because if things go well they’re going to be seeing you in person very soon.

The Profile Pic

The first shot that you need to have is your profile pic. This should be a simple headshot of you where you’re looking off camera with a neutral expression. This is a highly specific thing to pick for your main picture, but studies have shown that women online respond better to men who are looking off camera than to those who are looking straight ahead. Women also project onto men’s faces what they want to see; if they think you’re attractive, you’re going to look happier to them anyway. Keeping your expression neutral helps her to see whatever she wants to see in it, and will visually set you apart from all the identical fake smiles you see in tons of profile pictures.

The Formal Portrait

"Have a straight looking headshot"

“Have a straight looking headshot”

Once you’ve gotten your profile pic selected it’s time to move on. The formal portrait is just an example, but the second picture on your profile should be giving the ladies what they want to see. Some women are all about the formal wear, so if you’ve got a suit and tie you should slap those on to the take this picture. However, if formal wear isn’t your thing you should be able to find something. Take a picture of you at the gym, showing off what all that pain has gained you. Take a picture of yourself in your lab coat so it looks like you’re about to do science at any moment. Just dress yourself up in a way that would appeal to some group of women and enjoy. Those are the women most likely to respond to your profile or to contact your directly, so many sure that you choose this wisely.

The Action Shot

"Upload a picture that shows your hobby"

“Upload a picture that shows your hobby”

Lastly, you need to get something dynamic onto your profile to show what an interesting person you are. Having someone else take a few snaps of you at the gym can help. This is also the only time you can have other people in the photo; just make sure that they’re in the background. You catching a ball while other players run towards you is a great action shot, but you as part of a defense line isn’t. Make sure that you’re the star of the picture. This picture shows women that you get out and do things, and that they can be part of your action packed life.


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