The Best Places for a First Dinner Date

We’ve all been there–hooking up with someone for the first time, and not being able to figure out where the two of you actually want to eat. Fortunately, we know the best places to take her to before you two end up going back to the hotel for some fun in the sack. This is really going to end up making a difference and we’re sure of that, so make sure that you choose wisely when it comes to the perfect dinner location with her. Even if it’s just a little thing, you can really end up impressing her or making her want to leave you hanging.

The Hotel Itself

"Take her to a nice hotel for dinner"

“Take her to a nice hotel for dinner”

If you’re smart, you’ve gotten a hotel for the two of you that evening, and that’s where you’re going to end up meeting up for some fun times behind closed doors. That being said, you should check out the hotel restaurant first and foremost. This can really be the most convenient idea that you’ve had yet, especially if there’s a bar. You two can end up chatting it up at the bar, drinking a few drinks, having some food, and generally relaxing before you ever even end up climbing those stairs back to your hotel room.

A Chain Restaurant

A chain restaurant might seem low class to some, but honestly, it’s one of the better ideas that you can ever have for a hookup date. It’s going to be casual and easy, and chances are, there’s going to be something for everyone there. Keep this in mind, and you really can end up relaxing there with her. She’ll definitely be able to appreciate it if it’s still a nice chain restaurant, so don’t opt for anything fast food or anything like that. Just be classy about it.

A Small Cafe

"Small cafes are also a great place to go for your first date"

“Small cafes are also a great place to go for your first date”

Cafes are a great place to meet up for a quick dinner before you and your hookup, so make sure to keep this in mind before you end up spending a ton of money on a really fancy romantic restaurant. If you want an intimate atmosphere, a small cafe or coffee shop is really going to be able to give you that without giving her the wrong idea or making you spend a metric ton of money on food that probably isn’t anywhere close to worth it in the first place.

A Good, Local Restaurant

Without a doubt, there are a ton of local restaurants that can really end up giving you and your hookup a great meal before you ever end up in the same room together. This can be something that’s fun, relaxing, and probably very enjoyable if you’re getting a reservation for a small place that is owned locally. It’s also something of a conversation piece, so don’t forget to check out these kinds of places before you end up wasting your money on food that isn’t honestly going to be anywhere close to worth it in the long and short of it.


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