The Best Places to Meet for the First Time

If you’ve spent any amount of time on an adult finder website, you know that eventually you’re going to want to meet up with one of the many ladies you’ve met who as interested in hooking up as you are. Seems pretty straightforward, right? It is, but there’s something you need to consider. Unless you’re both comfortable with having sex with what equates to a perfect stranger, you’re probably going to want to set up a date first. This presents a little issue: just what is the best location for a pre-hook up date?


"A restaurant is a great place to know each other"

“A restaurant is a great place to know each other”

Tried and true, a restaurant is a great place for a first date, even if that date is a pre-cursor to what will (hopefully) be fantastic sex. It’s a good location for several reasons. First of all, it’s a public place, which means that if the woman you’ve been lusting for online is actually turns out to be creepy and psychotic that you’ll be able to find safety in numbers. Secondly, a restaurant gives you opportunities to talk and get to know each other. While waiting for your food and during the meal itself you’ll be able to chat each other up, ask questions, and flirt. Restaurants are also great because if you sense things are going to work out, you can at least say you had a date.


Most people interested in romantic relationships wouldn’t choose a bar for the first date. Being as your relationship is meant to be all about casual sex, however, a bar is just a good a place as any. Bars offer you the same safety net as restaurants because there’ll be a ton of people around. They also offer you booze, which can be a great ice breaker and a way to prime both you and her for what will hopefully happen later when you’re both alone. And if things start to go south during the date, it’s easy to skip out from a bar without being noticed.


"A little bit of alcohol will make you feel confident"

“A little bit of alcohol will make you feel confident”

Pubs offer an atmosphere that’s a mixture between restaurant and bar. This is great if you’re truly interested in getting to know her a bit more with a little bit of alcohol to help make things easier. Pubs are well known for their intimate atmosphere, which can help set the stage for later when you’re both interested in taking things to the next level.

Outdoor Event

If you’re not sure where to meet up with your (hopefully) soon to be sex partner, you can always try some kind of outdoor event. In the summer (or if you live somewhere that’s nice all year round) you’ll have a large amount of these to choose from: concerts, festivals, fairs, and sporting events. Any of these can be a good choice because you’ll be having a good time on top of interacting with a lady who’s very clearly interested in having sex with you. And if it looks like sex actually isn’t going to happen, it’s always best to be in a public place if you decide to call the whole thing off. She probably won’t cause a scene if you’re turning her down if there’s a ton of people all around.


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