The Most Outdated Date Ideas

There are plenty of date ideas out there that are just not going to even come close to giving you good results, and a lot of them, in part, are because they’re just plain old-fashioned or out of date. That’s not the kind of thing that you want to end up taking your hookup on before taking her back to your hotel room, so keep these dates in mind…and never let them happen unless she really requests them! This is the kind of thing that you just need to know about, because it will definitely make you that much more successful in the hookup circuit for sure.

Dinner and Movie Dates

"Dinner and a movie date is not a good idea"

“Dinner and a movie date is not a good idea”

While a lot of people seem to think that movie dates are really the way to be these days, that’s just not the case at all. You really need to avoid taking your hookup to these kinds of dates, because ultimately, they give a romantic impression…and they just don’t work for any sort of chatting or bonding. You’ll be locked up in a dark room for hours and you won’t be able to talk. Keep this in mind, and with that in your head, avoid these kinds of dates for sure.

The Park Date For Sure

There’s no reason to drag her out and abound on a park date when she’s mostly going to end up getting creeped out by them. While she might think that it’s a cute idea to get carted around in a horse and carriage in the park, that’s also just way too much of a romantic idea for any sort of a hookup date. If you can’t keep this in mind, then you’ll definitely end up giving her the wrong impression, and that’s something you really do need to avoid.

Loud Concerts Outdoors

"Concerts are the worst date venues"

“Concerts are the worst date venues”

Loud concerts might seem like a romantic date back in the day, and in some ways, they still are. Most people don’t end up doing this with people that they barely know, however, so you need to avoid these kinds of concerts if you actually want to get to know your date and have a good time with her before you actually end up in the same room together. This is something that a lot of guys just don’t even think through, so make sure that you do, and that you avoid these kinds of concerts.

Shopping Trips in General

When it comes to shopping trips…don’t do it. Back in the day, this was a fun way to end up winning over your woman’s affection, but that isn’t going to go over all that well in this day and age. It’s mostly going to end up attracting a lot of gold diggers, and that’s the sort of thing that you outright want to avoid when it comes to these kinds of ladies. You need to steer clear of this old-fashioned idea, and make sure to take her on some other kind of date in the future instead.


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