Using Hookup Sites to Satisfy Your Fetish

Sometimes it can feel really lonely having a weird fetish. Even if it makes all the sense in the world to you, others don’t view Looners, food fetishists, or even foot fetishists as all that normal. That can make it really hard to have casual hookups. Getting together with someone and then ignoring the things that turn you on is like having sex with a limp dick. Sure, it technically works, but no one’s having fun. You don’t get turned on like you should and she will be able to tell. Luckily you can use hookup sites to find women that are into the same things that you are. It makes everything easier and you won’t have to go through date after date just to find someone to ride your balloons.

The Time It Saves

"You can easily find a woman who has similar fetish"

“You can easily find a woman who has similar fetish”

The glory about the hookup site is that you can point blank ask a lady if she’s okay with your fetish. There’s no dancing around going out on dates and having to talk before getting to the meat of the subject. You are a great person to get to know, but why should you have to spend all that time getting to know someone when really you just want sex? Everyone else gets to skip to the genitals part, but because you’re a little different you can’t? It’s not fair, so don’t do it.

Finding Your Site

"Oh yes! Finally I found a good site"

“Oh yes! Finally I found a good site”

There are sites for everything out there. Just type in your fetish and end it with “dating site” the next time you’ve got a search engine going. You’re guaranteed to find something. Even if you don’t find the typical dating site you can find forums that have other people who are into the same thing. You can always ask them if they know of sites that are heavy in your fetish field or find someone on there who’s willing to hookup.

The best way to find a site that has your people on it is to use the proper keywords. That means being intensely honest (and deleting your history afterwards). Otherwise you can end up with some muddled version that doesn’t really satisfy your fetish. If you’re into poop, then proudly type it in. The first hit you’ll get is a scat lovers community that will welcome you with open arms.

Finding Your Lady

Keep in mind that most of the people who frequent dating and hookup sites are men, so even if it’s a female profile there’s still a danger of that. The danger is the same on community sites, if not worst. That’s because there are some people out there who are so desperate to get someone to do their fetish with them that they’re willing to lie. Not to be a downer, but being made fun of for a fetish can cause people do so some insane stuff, so be safe and make sure that she’s actually a woman and that she’s safe to be around. Ask for pictures and a phone call just to make sure.


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