What Flowers to Bring a Hookup

"Show her that you are interested by bringing some flowers"

“Show her that you are interested by bringing some flowers”

Bringing flowers to a date is an age-old ritual that we really don’t know the origin of. We accept that most women like flowers so we should get them to show that we have interest. But when your interest only goes so far as a hook-up, are you still supposed to follow the dating rules? Yes…and no. You should still bring flowers, but not the type that you’d normally expect. The next time that you’re getting ready for a hook-up, then bring her a bouquet that’s going to knock the pants off of her. Or a dress, whatever.

Look at Her Profile

If you know her on a social media site then use that, but even if you’re relying on a dating site then take a look at the pictures she has up. Chances are you’ll see a certain color pop up more often than others. It might be her car, a hoodie that she wears often, or even just a piece of jewelry. Whatever color that is, get her flowers that match. There’s a reason that she wears the color, so it’s a pretty failsafe way to get her something that she likes. Believe it or not, flowers do come in colors like green and blue, so there’s no excuse.

Get a Weird Flower

Weird flowers are interesting, so even if she’s not super into the color she’ll at least like that they look different. Go with something like a delphinium or hyacinth to get her attention. She’s an odd date, considering you’re really just getting together to have sex, so why not get her an odd flower? These are just guidelines. Go to a florist or your local big box store and then find something that you haven’t seen before. If she happens to know what it is be truthful and tell her that you thought it was weird looking, so you were hoping it would be different than what she normally gets. She’ll be touched by your effort.

No Roses

"Don't buy roses, she is not your girlfriend"

“Don’t buy roses, she is not your girlfriend”

Our go-to response for getting a woman a flower is to get roses, but really don’t even think about it. Roses scream romantic gestures and terrible romcom movies that you don’t want to set foot in. By getting her roses you’re not only being generic, you’re setting yourself up for failure. She knows that roses cost a lot of money and you are willing to spend that on her plus a dinner. That’s way too much for casual sex. Either she’ll get excited that you want something more from her or you’ll freak her out because she thinks you do. It’s just a bad road to go down.

Preparing Them

No matter what flower you get her, just get something that’s a little off the wall. Then take them out of the plastic that they come in and tie some sort of ribbon around them to hide the rubber band. Ribbon is cheap, just go to a craft store. Then you’ll be able to hand them to her and be done with this whole charade.


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