What She Really Wants on a Date

When you’re going out with a potential hook-up that you met online, you’re going to have to at least pretend to be interested in more. Women won’t just meet with a guy from the Internet, lest they be a creeper who goes through her trash each morning or something. But she wants to get it on just as badly as you do, so instead you’ll go on a date. Whether women want to just have sex with you or actually continue dating, they all want the same thing out of said date. Give it to her and get what you want in return, it’s as simple as that.

Use Your Words

"Choose a venue where you can talk and get to know each other"

“Choose a venue where you can talk and get to know each other”

Men assume that the date is all about getting dressed up and then being awkward until it’s done. But that’s because they don’t take the time to use their words and actually make things less awkward. You’ll have to go through small talk like job titles and what you want to do in life, but once you’re past that keep everything on her. Use your words to tell her how beautiful and interesting she is. That’s all she really wants, especially if you’re just a sex object. Try to answer questions, but then get the conversation back to her as soon as you can. When you do need to talk, just compliment her. It’s universally true that women like to be told that they’re pretty, smart, funny, etc. This is going to stick out in her mind.

Have a Good Time

"Make it a memorable day for her"

“Make it a memorable day for her”

She doesn’t want to tell all of her friends that the guy that she hooked-up with was awesome, but the date was terrible. That kills it. Having a good time means relaxing and doing something a little unconventional. So lose the tie, lean back, and take her somewhere besides a restaurant. Dinner is something that’s nice to do after you’ve already wooed her with your dating prowess. Go to a bunch of photo booths, walk along a beach or by a lake, or even just go to an arcade together. When you’re just doing things casually there’s no reason to try and impress her with a six figure salary or whatever it is that you think makes you better than the other guys. The laid back demeanor will have her laughing and keeping you in her good thoughts.

Keep It Simple

Even though you’re trying to have a fun experience and go out to quirky date sites, that doesn’t mean that things have to be complicated. Keep things simple, don’t worry about whether or not she is thinking something other than what she’s saying. Tell her exactly what you’re thinking, for that matter. The simple rule of thumb will make everything easier in the long run and you won’t have to get caught up trying to decode a woman. This benefits you, yeah, but she also doesn’t then have to wonder what you’re wondering. Women get tired of having to play that game with guys, so don’t give her the opportunity.


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