What to Say When You’re Stuck in a Sexting Session

It can be hard to sext. On the one hand you’ve got to think of all these great things to tell her, and on the other hand is… Well, your other hand is busy. It’s easy to get into a bind when you’ve got all the blood flowing to your other brain, so it helps to try to keep these tips in mind before you get into your next sexting session. The less planning you have to do in the heat of the moment, the better.

Envision What You’d Do If She Were with You

"Tease her over the text messages"

“Tease her over the text messages”

This is a standard because it’s so good. In the fantasy world, everything can be perfect. It’s what would happen if she were with you and neither of you had any flaws. You have the six pack abs she dreams about and she’s as smooth as silk and it’s all very sexy and not like how it would be in real life. Imagine what you’d do to her and then take away all the limits. If she were right next to you right now, you’d eat her out while she did a hand stand and sucked your dick. Sure, in real life that position would probably be uncomfortable, but it sounds sexy as hell. Don’t let the constraints of what’s real hold you back here. Just go for whatever you’d really like to happen.

Look up Some Free Erotica for Inspiration

"This would be an excellent line to send her"

“This would be an excellent line to send her”

If you’re really stuck, look up some free erotica. You can find tons of results on Amazon under ebooks; you can get them for free and just skim the sex scenes to get an idea of what women like. If you always get a brain freeze in the middle of a sexting session you can pull some up before you even start chatting. That way she doesn’t even have to know that you’re not the one thinking up all those sexy things. One of the greatest things about these erotic stories is that they’re mostly written by women. Quote them and you’ll get the credit for really understand what women like and want to hear. She’ll think that you’re the master of the female fantasy when you don’t even have to work very hard; just make it sound like you’re thinking it up yourself. She’ll be calling you every week for another dose.

She’s Fantastic

If push comes to shove and you absolutely have to say something praise her. You can’t go wrong with heaping the praise onto a woman. She loves to hear that she’s a fox in bed; let her know that you’re loving her imagination, and that voice when she says these dirty things… It doesn’t matter what she’s saying, just let her know she’s great. Women love the power that comes with taking charge of a sexting session, and they love thinking that they’re the one woman who can bring a strong man to his knees. Keep heaping on the praise until you can think of something to contribute.


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