Why Girls Like Big Guys Too

"Don't worry about your size, a lot of women want you"

“Don’t worry about your size, a lot of women want you”

Guys who go online looking for casual hookups might feel like they have to take the lower meat on the totem pole for whatever reason. They might feel like they’re too nerdy, too busy, too awkward, or even too fat. No matter what you think about yourself, it’s not a bad quality, it’s just part of who you are. The nerds are rising, you have a good work ethic, you take time to make sure she’s worth the effort, and as for being bigger there’s really nothing wrong with it. So what? You like food or just have a lifestyle that keeps you a little pudgy. Don’t feel like you have to settle, women like big guys too. If you don’t believe us, then read through the results of time spent questioning our female friends on bigger guys.

They’re Better Cuddlers

Women love to be cuddled. There’s always been that joke that after sex guys want to roll over and sleep while girls want to talk and cuddle. Well the big guys have got the advantage here because apparently they’re comfortable as hell. The extra fluff makes for more warmth and primo falling asleep type cuddling. Embrace being the teddy bear that you are.

They’re Less Selfish

From what we’ve been told, guys who are fat tend to be less selfish than the average dude. The theory is that since they haven’t gotten a lot of ladies throughout their lives they really cherish the ones that give them the time of day. So your reputation is that you’re gentlemen who won’t rush her sexually or check out other women while she’s not looking. Even though they don’t realize it, you are a red-blooded man who wants to bone all sorts of women. Let’s keep it a secret, though, and use it in your favor.

They’re Less Intimidating

Our society places a lot of pressure on women to look good, it’s not fair and they end up complaining to us about it. But when you’re a bigger guy and tell her how beautiful she is, just make sure to wrap your arms around her too, because that helps. Your size actually makes her less self-conscious about her own. She’s going to be smaller by comparison until she gets bigger than you are. This is way less intimidating to her than getting with a guy who’s smaller than she is or buff. Plus when she gets naked she won’t worry about you thinking that she’s a sow or something.

They’re Protectors

"She'll feel safe with you"

“She’ll feel safe with you”

Even though you aren’t intimidating her, your size (whether you’re really big or just a little large) will make her feel safer. Having a guy who takes up space in the world makes her feel like she can drunkenly walk home with you and not worry about getting mugged. When you’re being considered as a hook-up this is a serious advantage. The broad shoulders and barrel chest are classic signs of manliness that will add to the overall appeal of being her protector.


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