Why Kink Sites Waste Your Time

"It can be hard to find the things that you are look for"

“It can be hard to find the things that you are look for”

If you’re a vanilla guy who’s been striking out a lot on your regular hookup website it can be tempting not to hop into a kinky chat. After all, everyone thinks that kink sites (and kinky people) are just nonstop sex all the time. It’s basically like the Roman orgy parties 24/7, right? Actually, if you’re not a kinky guy yourself than going onto kink sites is basically just wasting your own time. Here’s why you should skip them before you invest a lot of time.

All Talk and No Action

Kink sites have the idea that dipping into their forums and chat rooms is basically like stepping into an orgy, but it’s not. There’s a lot of talk about sex, and casual sex, and kinky casual sex but there actually isn’t any more casual sex going on than there is at vanilla sites. Sure, sometimes people hookup, but people sometimes hookup in other parts of the internet as well. Kink sites as a whole are all about the talking the talk instead of walking the walk. There are tons of virgins on kink sites too, as if they can even know what they’re into.

Desperate Women Who Don’t Want What You Do

You have to remember that the kinky sites will also be about kinks. If you don’t have any fetishes you might be in a bit of trouble here. A lot of guys think that they have what it takes to be a Dom, for example, even if they really don’t know how to be one. A lot of men think that a woman with a spanking fetish is just into rough sex. If you don’t understand a kink very well it’s going to be tough to fake it. You want to have sex with these women and they just want their own kinky payoffs. If you don’t have the same goals it’s going to be a lot harder to enjoy each other.

They Charge a Lot Because of What They Offer

"Kinkier sites are much costlier than the normal ones"

“Kinkier sites are much costlier than the normal ones”

Kink sites also tend to be more expensive for premium features. Why is this true? Every dating site knows that they have what you want: access to people who want access to sex. People who want to go premium on a kink site want access to people who want access to strange sex. When something is rare, it’s more valuable. Going to a kink site to find a vanilla hookup is kind of like buying a diamond ring because you needed a gold band. You’re throwing away and not appreciating the most expensive and important part.

A Lot of Professionals Use Them

The last risk is that a lot of professionals use kink dating sites to find clients. You’re not looking for a female Domme to show you around, and you definitely don’t want to pay a woman to be your submissive. If you’re not careful on sites you’ll get sucked into chatting and investing your time (and maybe your money) into a woman who’s not really into you after all; she’s just trying to earn some cash.


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