Why You Need to Have Realistic Expectations on Adult Finder Websites

"She's not going to come to you through the computer screen"

“She’s not going to come to you through the computer screen”

Websites intended to help adults find each other in order to organize a hookup might seem like the answer to your sexual dry spell, and in many ways that’s true. However, you need to sign up to these kind of websites with realistic expectations instead of expectations that are overblown and likely to leave you really disappointed. If you’re not sure what we mean by this, just keep reading. You’ll understand why it’s important to go into this with a level head.

Not All Women Are Sexier Than Hell

If you’re expecting that every woman registered on the same adult finder site is going to be just as sexy as the ones you see in magazines and on television, you’re in for a big surprise. The ladies on these sites are normal people, just like you. This means that they’re going to range in the looks department from smoking hot to not so hot. So, if you’re fully expecting to be approached by women who are all as gorgeous as supermodels, you’re going to be more than a little let down.

Not All Women Are Going to Want You

"Oh! She rejected me"

“Oh! She rejected me”

You might think you’re a stud. Most women in your life might think you’re a stud, too. However, this doesn’t mean that your babe magnet status is automatically going to transfer to your online profile. You’re going to have to put some work into intriguing the ladies when you’re filling out your profile. Doing the minimum and just posting a picture of you half naked with the quote “you know you want some” is only going to make you seem like an arrogant douchbag. For reasons that should be totally obvious, this is absolutely what you’d like to avoid. So before you register on an adult finder site, you need to adjust your expectations in this department a little. You might think you’re the shit, but that doesn’t mean that all the ladies on this site will.

A Message Isn’t a Done Deal

Just because a woman messages you on a hookup site doesn’t’ mean it’s a done deal in the sex department. In fact, chances are pretty good that you won’t even be meeting up in person. In all likelihood you’re going to have to weed throw several women before you find one that you’re going to be hooking up with-and of course, it depends on whether she likes you enough to commit too. Don’t get too bummed by this-you’ll be getting tons of messages, so it’s just a matter of time.

It’s Not Sex Until It’s Happening

Yeah, maybe she agreed to meet up with you in person. And yeah, maybe she showed up to meet you at the bar or restaurant you both chose. But does that mean she’s automatically going to put out at the end of the night? Nope. There are all kinds of reasons why she might back down, which is something you need to keep in mind. If she does decide to bail for whatever reason, you don’t want to feel totally rejected, so always be aware that it’s not actually a success until you’re both naked in bed.


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