Why You Should Hit up Kink Sites

One of the best things about online dating is that you can find anything you want. If you have a very specific fetish and you lived in a time before online dating, you just had to hope that you found someone who wouldn’t leave you because of it. Imagine having a foot fetish in the 1400s, for example. That had to be awkward. These days, however, you don’t even have to be kinky in order to get the best that kink sites have to offer. Even if you don’t think of kink sites automatically, here’s why you should check them out anyway. Casual Sex Is More Common Kink sites are filled with casual sex seekers. This is because they focus on fulfilling sexual needs that the people who use them have difficulty filling on their own. When you have an unusual kink or fetish, the idea is that you’re going to fill your needs with anyone who is willing to help you out. It isn’t about finding a love connection, it’s about being able to have a really satisfying orgasm. Most Kinks Aren’t Terrible Even if you’re not actually a kinky guy, it’s most easy to lie about this stuff. Most kinks might not be your thing, but they also…

Why You Need to Have Realistic Expectations on Adult Finder Websites

Websites intended to help adults find each other in order to organize a hookup might seem like the answer to your sexual dry spell, and in many ways that’s true. However, you need to sign up to these kind of websites with realistic expectations instead of expectations that are overblown and likely to leave you really disappointed. If you’re not sure what we mean by this, just keep reading. You’ll understand why it’s important to go into this with a level head. Not All Women Are Sexier Than Hell If you’re expecting that every woman registered on the same adult finder site is going to be just as sexy as the ones you see in magazines and on television, you’re in for a big surprise. The ladies on these sites are normal people, just like you. This means that they’re going to range in the looks department from smoking hot to not so hot. So, if you’re fully expecting to be approached by women who are all as gorgeous as supermodels, you’re going to be more than a little let down. Not All Women Are Going to Want You You might think you’re a stud. Most women in your life might think you’re a stud, too. However, this doesn’t mean…

Why More Flash Than Substance Can Be a Good Idea for Your Online Profile

So you’ve decided to join an adult finder website because you’re looking for a woman who’s only interested in hooking up. You might think it’s as simple as registering and paying for a membership, but that’s not the case. In order to attract the attention of all the eligible ladies you need to make sure your profile is up to task. Some guys choose to play it safe in this department because they don’t want to look too overblown. But if you really want to get the women on the site to notice you, you need to make a statement. Easier to Notice If you’ve set up your profile so that it has a ton of pictures of you looking awesome accompanied by funny quotes and statements, people are going to notice you easier than they would the other guys who have boring profiles. This is exactly what you want because when the competition is this fierce, it’s go big or go home. You want your profile to draw the eye and keep people entertained, so don’t be afraid to make bold statements in the fields you fill out. You also shouldn’t be afraid to show a little skin in your photos-don’t go fully nude, but show off your upper…

Why Kink Sites Waste Your Time

If you’re a vanilla guy who’s been striking out a lot on your regular hookup website it can be tempting not to hop into a kinky chat. After all, everyone thinks that kink sites (and kinky people) are just nonstop sex all the time. It’s basically like the Roman orgy parties 24/7, right? Actually, if you’re not a kinky guy yourself than going onto kink sites is basically just wasting your own time. Here’s why you should skip them before you invest a lot of time. All Talk and No Action Kink sites have the idea that dipping into their forums and chat rooms is basically like stepping into an orgy, but it’s not. There’s a lot of talk about sex, and casual sex, and kinky casual sex but there actually isn’t any more casual sex going on than there is at vanilla sites. Sure, sometimes people hookup, but people sometimes hookup in other parts of the internet as well. Kink sites as a whole are all about the talking the talk instead of walking the walk. There are tons of virgins on kink sites too, as if they can even know what they’re into. Desperate Women Who Don’t Want What You Do You have to remember that the kinky…

Why Girls Like Big Guys Too

Guys who go online looking for casual hookups might feel like they have to take the lower meat on the totem pole for whatever reason. They might feel like they’re too nerdy, too busy, too awkward, or even too fat. No matter what you think about yourself, it’s not a bad quality, it’s just part of who you are. The nerds are rising, you have a good work ethic, you take time to make sure she’s worth the effort, and as for being bigger there’s really nothing wrong with it. So what? You like food or just have a lifestyle that keeps you a little pudgy. Don’t feel like you have to settle, women like big guys too. If you don’t believe us, then read through the results of time spent questioning our female friends on bigger guys. They’re Better Cuddlers Women love to be cuddled. There’s always been that joke that after sex guys want to roll over and sleep while girls want to talk and cuddle. Well the big guys have got the advantage here because apparently they’re comfortable as hell. The extra fluff makes for more warmth and primo falling asleep type cuddling. Embrace being the teddy bear that you are. They’re Less Selfish From what we’ve…

Why a Trial Date on Skype is a Good Idea

Adult finder websites are great because they’re an easy way to find women who are interested in hooking up and only hooking up. Instead of heading out to the bars to try and find a partner, all you need to do is log into the website and fill out a profile. Just because it’s easy, however, doesn’t mean it’s going to be instant success. Even though a woman you meet online might seem perfect she might end up being everything but. Normally you’d discover this after you both agree to meet in person, which can turn the awkward factor up to 10 and make it really hard to bail if you need to. So, before you decide to take it to the in-person level, you should absolutely schedule a trial date on Skype. Cam to Cam If you’re going to do this, you should insist on making it a cam chat. Unless she’s been misleading you about her looks, this will give you the opportunity to check her out for real. Of course, you should keep in mind that webcams are notorious for making people look bad (yourself included) but it should be easy enough for you to tell whether she at least looks similar to the way she does…

What You Need to Have a Hot Session over Webcam

One of the great things about online dating is that you don’t even have to meet her in person every time. There are plenty of women who want an interesting, fun alternative to watching porn to masturbate. If you have a desire to see women pleasure themselves (and have her help getting off in return) then you could find everything you need online in just a few minutes. Here’s what you need to really have a steamy cam session. A Good Webcam and Internet This is the basic level of what you need: a high speed connection and a good webcam. The webcam that came with your laptop is not good (no matter what they advertised when you bought it.) You should have an external webcam. The good news is that these aren’t difficult to come by. For an investment of as little as $40 you can get an excellent one that broadcasts in HD. You might not care about that yourself, but you definitely want the lady you pick up to be broadcasting in HD. It’s nice to be able to return the favor. Your internet doesn’t have to be incredibly fast, but it should be pretty good. If you have a lot of trouble skyping then you know…

What to Say When You’re Stuck in a Sexting Session

It can be hard to sext. On the one hand you’ve got to think of all these great things to tell her, and on the other hand is… Well, your other hand is busy. It’s easy to get into a bind when you’ve got all the blood flowing to your other brain, so it helps to try to keep these tips in mind before you get into your next sexting session. The less planning you have to do in the heat of the moment, the better. Envision What You’d Do If She Were with You This is a standard because it’s so good. In the fantasy world, everything can be perfect. It’s what would happen if she were with you and neither of you had any flaws. You have the six pack abs she dreams about and she’s as smooth as silk and it’s all very sexy and not like how it would be in real life. Imagine what you’d do to her and then take away all the limits. If she were right next to you right now, you’d eat her out while she did a hand stand and sucked your dick. Sure, in real life that position would probably be uncomfortable, but it sounds sexy as hell. Don’t…

What She Really Wants on a Date

When you’re going out with a potential hook-up that you met online, you’re going to have to at least pretend to be interested in more. Women won’t just meet with a guy from the Internet, lest they be a creeper who goes through her trash each morning or something. But she wants to get it on just as badly as you do, so instead you’ll go on a date. Whether women want to just have sex with you or actually continue dating, they all want the same thing out of said date. Give it to her and get what you want in return, it’s as simple as that. Use Your Words Men assume that the date is all about getting dressed up and then being awkward until it’s done. But that’s because they don’t take the time to use their words and actually make things less awkward. You’ll have to go through small talk like job titles and what you want to do in life, but once you’re past that keep everything on her. Use your words to tell her how beautiful and interesting she is. That’s all she really wants, especially if you’re just a sex object. Try to answer questions, but then get the conversation back to her…

What Flowers to Bring a Hookup

Bringing flowers to a date is an age-old ritual that we really don’t know the origin of. We accept that most women like flowers so we should get them to show that we have interest. But when your interest only goes so far as a hook-up, are you still supposed to follow the dating rules? Yes…and no. You should still bring flowers, but not the type that you’d normally expect. The next time that you’re getting ready for a hook-up, then bring her a bouquet that’s going to knock the pants off of her. Or a dress, whatever. Look at Her Profile If you know her on a social media site then use that, but even if you’re relying on a dating site then take a look at the pictures she has up. Chances are you’ll see a certain color pop up more often than others. It might be her car, a hoodie that she wears often, or even just a piece of jewelry. Whatever color that is, get her flowers that match. There’s a reason that she wears the color, so it’s a pretty failsafe way to get her something that she likes. Believe it or not, flowers do come in colors like green and blue, so there’s no…


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