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It caters to all walks of life, and that means that you've got a ton of variety and a massive population here. With that kind of userbase, you'll never be bored.

The thing about FuckBookNet.net is that it really does have all of its ducks in a row. That’s a huge compliment coming from us, because we are honestly incredibly picky.

It’s very inclusive, too.

Something that we generally dislike about a lot of these kinds of finder sites is that they just don’t try and include every single person out there that’s looking for fun.

CTA FuckBookNet image

This site does. You can tell that just by looking at the front page, and trust us, that’s worth its weight in gold at the end of the night. That’s a very, very good thing.

With that in mind, you can really end up relaxing. This is one site that is just going to end up giving you more of what you want all the time, and we really did love that.

There’s a ton of activity.

In order to supplement the fact that this site really does have a lot of inclusivity to it, you also need to realize that, hey, it actually goes out of its way to have a ton of people on it.

overlay FuckBookNet image

This place is established and absolutely huge, and really knows how to run itself. You won’t be disappointed in FuckBookNet

That’s because they really do know how to advertise. We never found ourselves lacking any sort of activity on this site, because there was always someone around to chat with.

That’s the kind of thing that just keeps building up a ton of fun as time goes on. It’s a relief to be able to login to a site that just keeps on providing a steady stream of fun.

It’s easy.

One of the best things about this site is that you can just plain get around on here without any issues. The layout is very well laid out, and that means a lot on a site like this.

We were able to really show this site to just about anyone and have them understand it, too. That kind of usability is a very important part of hookup sites overall.

With all of these things going for it, there’s no reason why this site shouldn’t be awesome. We loved it, and we definitely ended up having the results to really back it up.

Amazing Numbers for Our Stay

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our FuckBookNet ratings, and during that time, we sent out a total of 150 chat messages to ladies that were online.

It was awesome.

From those 150 chat messages, we could get a grand total of 76 responses, and that was just awesome. This site really did provide us with some excellent results immediately.

From those 76 responses, a total of 13 women actually wanted to chat us up and ended up wanting to meet up with us in real life, which was really excellent in all regards.

From those 13 ladies, a total of 6 ended up showing up total. This was really above and beyond our expectations, and we were really happy to see these kinds of numbers.

We had a ton of fun.

A lot of people might end up finding their hookup site a bit stressful, but this one wasn’t at all. It was all very easy to use, and that definitely means a lot to us in general.

We had a total of 2 ladies want to even meet up again for a second round of hookups, which definitely stood out. We were very excited to see them again for sure.

All in all, this was one site that just kept on giving back to us. We had an amazing time because of it, and without a doubt, this was a site that we just couldn’t get enough of.

Icebreaking Messages That Got Us Places

Chat Message 1: “Hi, Emily. I saw that you were a vet tech, and that you really loved animals. I do, too, and I love to be able to volunteer at the local shelters in our area.

If you’re into that, maybe we can end up going to a zoo or something if we meet up. I think we’d both be able to enjoy the scenery before going out to dinner together.”

Chat Message 2: “Hi, Haley. I saw that you were really into dance, especially swing dancing. That sounds like an awesome hobby, and I bet we could have fun together with that.

If you’re up for it, I think we could have an amazing time out on the town dancing. Let me know and maybe we can meet up at some point in the near future for that sort of thing.”

Great Site Features That Made Our Stay Easy

There’s so much to love about the FuckBookNet adult finder, and we had a great time figuring out all of the nuances to this site that really made it end up standing out to us.

Usability is one of the best things.

Every single site out there that is geared towards customer service should really have an awesome layout, and this one does. It’s smart and cute, and doesn’t offend the ladies.

We were pretty happy to see this site really get ahead of the game when it came to that sort of thing, because ultimately, there are a lot of sites out there that just don’t even come close to that.

This one, however, can be used by just about anyone. That’s what we’re looking for when it comes to being able to use things without any hitches on a finder site online.

It’s always populated.

One of the other things that we really loved about this site is that no matter what time of day it was, there was always someone online. That’s the kind of thing we could count on.

We love being able to put our faith into that kind of situation. Without that, there’s no reason that you’d ever want to come to a site at the whee hours of the morning, after all.

This site just makes it easy for you. No matter if you run some pretty weird hours, you’re always going to be able to find a girl that’s willing to chat with you early on in the day or night.

Here’s the Secret to Getting Ahead…

We honestly never felt like we struggled on this site, but ultimately, there’s definitely a way to make these girls like you even more than you’d ever expect on FuckBookNet.net.

Start with your profile picture.

On this site, it’s absolutely the first thing that they’re going to see, and that’s why your profile picture really does need to be banging. It’s not even that hard to make that happen.

Focus on good lighting, first of all. It’s the kind of thing that you really need to take the time to focus upon, especially if you want her to have a clear shot of your face.

Also, never post up dick pics. That’s just something that’s gross, and it’s really going to turn off the ladies on this site. You want them to really end up excited to see you instead.

We also are religious about checking our inbox.

The more often you check your inbox on this site, the better off you’re going to be. You’ve really got to take the time to make sure that you’re always on top of that.

It’s because, ultimately, this site really does move pretty fast. You want to make sure that you can actually end up keeping up with that in general while using the site.

If you think that you can’t, then make sure that you actually schedule time in order to make that happen. This site is really going to end up being easier if you do that.

Any Improvements?

There’s always something to say about most of these finder sites, and this one is no exception in the land of improvements. That being said, there were just a few things of note.

It can be cluttered.

The one and only beef that we had with this site’s layout is that it has a tendency to look a bit cluttered at times. This is the sort of thing that just kind of annoyed us.

We hope that they end up trying to fix this, especially whenever you’re trying to browse through profiles. That’s when it really becomes something of an issue for everyone.

We do, however, still think that the layout itself is quite good. It’s very easy to get around on here without struggling, so make sure that you keep that in mind and don’t get frustrated.

There could be more variety.

This might be an incredibly active site, but we honestly kind of saw the same demographic over and over again–lots of white girls, aged 20-25 in general on this site.

That’s all well and good, but what about other demographics? We hope that this site ends up expanding its advertising scene to other kinds of ladies in the future online.

Once they do that, we’re sure that they’ll end up seeing a huge upswing in traffic, too. It’s really important that they try to appeal to as many people as possible on the Internet.

It could be out there more.

Speaking of advertising–while this site is classy and all of that, we hope that they end up actually advertising to more people in the future. That’s going to build up more activity.

We love this site in general for that sort of thing, but they really could have even more people. If they step up their advertising, it’s only a matter of time for more people to show up.

As you can see, most of these things are pretty minor. Just keep them in mind when you’re using this great site, and it’s going to end up being an even easier experience for you.

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If You Want an Amazing Adult Finder Site, You Can Find it at FuckBookNet.net

We absolutely adore FuckBookNet.net, and that’s why you’ve got to give it a shot. It’s our number three site overall, and it really can give you one hell of a good time.

We proved it.

This site just keeps on giving, and that’s a fantastic thing. There’s never a moment where you’re going to end up feeling bad about using this particular site at all.

It’s one of those sites that is just always going to be able to deliver results for you. Check it out because of that, and there’s no way in hell that you’ll ever be disappointed.

We’re sure of this. This is one of those sites that we just keep on coming back to, and if you check it out with our other top sites, you’re going to be golden for a long time.

Don’t miss out.

Our number one site, for example, is XXXConnect.com, and if you check them out at the same time, we’re sure that you’ll be able to have an even better experience.

We really want you to be able to have the easiest time possible when it comes to chatting up these ladies online. The more time you put into trying out other sites, the better you’ll be.

Try out a couple of the best sites at once, and you’ll definitely be able to have the fun and excitement of your dreams. This is one of those sites that we keep coming back to.

Give it a shot.

We know that you won’t regret it. The right sites are there for a reason, and they’re going to be able to help you meet all of the most amazing girls in the world online.

Good luck!

30 Responses to “FuckBookNet.net: Why It Made the Grade as an Adult Finder Site”

  1. Frozen Vulture

    My friends all recommended FuckBookNet.net to me, and I’m not gonna lie, I laughed right in their faces. I mean, who in the hell goes on a site with a name like that? I did sign up for the free trial, though, and it was all downhill from there. I started going on here all the time, whenever I could, and I don’t regret it at all. I know it has a dumb name, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad site. It’s actually good!

  2. Why in the hell would anybody say that this was a bad site? I know better. This site is FANTASTIC, and I won’t hear anyone complain about it! I’ve been spending all my free time on here for months now, and in no way do I regret that. I’m going to be on here for a long time, and I can only hope that it stays this good the whole time I’m here. I love being on here, it’s so fun! You guys should all sign up.

  3. Blaine Mayers

    Signing up for this site took a lot of courage and conviction, but I think ultimately that it was worth it. I mean, I’ve definitely never regretted signing up for the site. It’s been a fun time, and I’ve had a lot of conversations and video chats that I’ve really enjoyed. It might be a little expensive, too, but that’s not a big deal. I have the money for it, and it’s so fun it’s worth it. For anyone who’s lonely, this is your site.

  4. I keep telling myself that I’m going to try out one of these sites someday, but I never do. Do you guys think that this would be a good place to start? I feel like a smaller site like this might give me more opportunities than I would have on another site, so I think this one would be a good option if it’s not a scam. Can you guys confirm that for me at all? I’d really appreciate some feedback to clear up my confusion.

  5. Morbid James Seagull

    I’m going to make sure nobody insults this site ever again! I’ve been on here for as long as I can remember being on sites like this, and I’ve never once been the slightest bit disappointed. All you people insulting it clearly have no idea what you’re talking about, because this site is the best one around, hands down. I’m going to stay on here until it gets shut down, which hopefully is a long time from now! Long live this beautiful site! I love you!

  6. The Hurricane

    Not gonna lie, FuckBookNet.net is actually an awesome site, despite what you may have heard or what the name might make you think about it. I love this site so much. It’s been years since I joined and I’ve literally never once gottent sick of it. I need you guys to at least do a free trial, because you’re sure to love it. I promise if you just give it a chance you’re going to be in it for the long haul. Check it out!

  7. How are the women on here so great? I figured they’d be the same, dirty, washed-up looking women that I’d seen on the other small sites, but the ones here are actually really impressive. I know I for one really can’t get enough of them. I just keep looking at them over and over, and I never get tired of chatting with them. They’re really nice, too, so you don’t have to worry about getting insulted. That was a problem I’d encountered on other sites.

  8. Rudolf Schreckengost

    As far as these sites go, this one is actually one of the best, I think! I spent a lot of time on here a few months ago, and I’m just now getting back to it. I only had to go away from it because I was getting swamped at work and needed to take a break to keep up with things, but I’m going to head back now. I really missed this site, to be honest, and I’ll be happy to get back on here.

  9. The reviews that I’m finding for this site all sound the same. I’m starting to really worry that people are writing reviews for this site because they were paid to do so, and that it doesn’t actually have anything to do with whether or not the site is good. I want to join the site, but I’ll only do it if you guys can prove that this is a legit site and that it’s worth the money. I’m not exactly made of the stuff, you know.

  10. Elephant Ruthless

    I’ve only been on here for a few weeks, but so far I’m totally in love with the site! It’s way easier to use than the other sites I’ve been on lately, which is a relief. I’m not exactly a tech guru, so it makes it hard for me to navigate a lot of these sites. You guys should check this site out if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to get off, though, because I’ve been doing it for ages and I still love it!

  11. Stupid Maxi Knife

    For someone who once dissed all sites like this and refused to go on them at all, I sure have turned over a new leaf. I mean, I’m still only a member of FuckBookNet.net, but still. I really enjoy this one, which is more than I could say for myself a few months ago. Maybe someday I’ll end up going on more sites than just this one, but who knows! I’m actually really happy on here, so I don’t see any reason to go anywhere else.

  12. Oh man, I’m so hooked on this site it’s not even funny! You guys need to check it out. I was about to give up on sites like this altogether, but I’m so glad I checked this one out. It totally restored my faith in these kinds of sites, and the women on them, too. This site is one of the rare ones that isn’t a scam, thank god, and you’re going to have a great time on here for sure. There’s something for everyone!

  13. Stan Pratt

    You know, I really do understand why people would think that these sites are fake, because a lot of them are. So many of these small sites turn out to be total fakes, but this one is the real deal. I’ve been on here for quite a while, and I’m going to say right now that I can tell you with complete confidence that this site is really good! You’re going to love it if you just give it a chance, I can promise you that much.

  14. I’m going to go ahead and sign up for this site, but until I hear for sure whether or not it’s a scam, I’m just going to do the free trial. I know that doesn’t come with quite as many bells and whistles as the full membership, but I don’t really care. It doesn’t bother me. If I find out that the site is worth staying on, then I’ll be more than happy to sign up for it for sure and be a full member.

  15. The Lightning Stormy Bandit

    What’s everyone’s problem with this site? I’ve heard so many people talk about how it’s a fake site or that it’s a scam, and that’s not true at all! I’ve loved this site for ages, and it’s really painful to see so many people talking about it being a fake. I’m not sure what got that rumor started, but I really want to end it for good. You guys need to help me out here! I’m getting really confused as to why people are being this way.

  16. Furious Warrior

    Why exactly do people keep saying that this site is a scam? They must mean another site or something, because I really love FuckBookNet.net, and I’ve been a member on here since it started. I guess there are probably a lot of sites with names that are similar to this one, so maybe they got it mixed up with one of those. If they actually think this is a bad site, then they haven’t spent enough time on here to know whether it’s good or not.

  17. Has there been some sort of misunderstanding here? So many of the comments for this site are talking about how shitty this site is, and that’s a total lie. Me and all my friends have been having a great time on this site since last year, and we haven’t had a single issue with the site. Could you guys just mean another site? Are you confusing it with this one? I want to get to the bottom of this, because this site is really good.

  18. Chauncey Milne

    I’ve been looking for a site like this for a while, and I think I’ve finally found a place to call home online. The women on here have treated me with so much kindness, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be on here. I’m hoping to someday date one of the women on here. I think that would be amazing. I mean, obviously she would have to stop working here first, but it’d still be very nice to date one of them.

  19. Is my computer going to get a ton of viruses if I sign up for this site? I’ve tried to be on sites like this before, and have ended up getting my computer so full of viruses that it completely ruined my hard drive. I really don’t want that to happen again, so I need you guys to help me out! Have you gotten any viruses from being on this site? If you’ve gotten some, then I think I’m just going to stay away from the site overall.

  20. Dentoplus

    I’m totally in love with this site, no matter what people might say about it! Normally I don’t like sites like this at all, but this one is my exception. I’m honestly amazed at how easy it is to use, and how cheap it is, too! It doesn’t ever glitch or get shut down, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it actually stays up way better than most of the other sites I’ve seen around. This one is worth the money.

  21. Bear Drunken

    I feel like people don’t like FuckBookNet.net because it’s too small for people to trust it, meaning that they don’t give it a chance. That’s sad, because it’s actually a really nice site if you can get the hang of it. I’ve been spending a lot of time on here lately, which has been great. I’ve really enjoyed it, and I always look forward to the next time I can come on here! If you hated it before, give it another chance. You’ll be surprised!

  22. I think this site is one of the best ones out there, for sure, an it’s also one of the cheapest! My friends all laughed at me when I first joined this site, but now I get to laugh at them because I’m having a great time on here and they get to just sit at home and be miserable. They’ll probably end up on here eventually too because they’re way more lonely than I am at this point. I guess I won’t laugh at them.

  23. Glenn Clarke

    Eh, I guess I can totally understand why people don’t want to be on here, but I wish they didn’t feel that way because I love this site. It does glitch every once in a while, and a few of the women have been a little seedy to me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good site. It just means that you need to pay more attention and make sure the people you’re talking to are people who are going to be good to you.

  24. What’s the verdict on this site? Is it a scam? Is it legit? I have no idea. I can’t figure it out at all! Do you guys have any input on whether or not this site is the real thing? I’d really appreciate getting some feedback fast, because I want to get on the site while I still have money, you know? If it turns out to be a bad site, it’s not a problem. I’ll just go ahead and join another site instead of this one.

  25. What do I do? I think I’ve literally fallen in love with one of the women on this site! I know she probably wouldn’t be into a guy like me, but that’s what’s been keeping me on this site. I mean, it was a good enough site to begin with, but then I met her and things got even better. I can’t believe I ever had a life before meeting her, and now I come on here literally every day just to chat with her.

  26. My favorite thing about FuckBookNet.net is how easy it is to navigate. I’m really not good at using these kinds of sites at all, and normally I end up getting so lost that it makes it not even worth it to sign up for them in the first place. With this site, I was able to make an account and start getting around on the site right away. The women are great, too, which is always a huge plus. Nice women make it worth it!

  27. Wow, I can’t believe how great this site is! I’m used to being on sites like this for a few weeks, then leaving for one reason or another. Usually these sites are pretty crappy once you get down to it, so I’m honestly relieved to find one that really works. You guys don’t know how many shitty sites I’ve been on in the past, because it was so many that I almost gave up on them altogether. You guys should all join this site now!

  28. Donnie Oppie

    For everyone who’s on the fence about this site – it’s a good site, once you get used to it. I learned how to find my way around the site pretty fast, but I’ve heard that some people have had problems. If you have the time and the patience for it, then it’s a good site. It costs a lot less than the big sites, so it’s worth it if you want to save some significant money. I’ve really enjoyed my time on here, too.

  29. Everything about this site makes it seem like it might be a scam, which is making me nervous, but on the other hand I feel like I might be acting out of pessimism because I’ve had bad experiences on a lot of other sites. Do you guys think that this site is worth the money, or would I just be better off going on another one instead? Honestly at this point I’m wondering if I should even be on a site like this at all.

  30. Slidy Believer

    If you don’t like this site, then you might not have been on here in a while because it’s changed in a BIG way lately. They’ve been getting a lot of complaints, so they made a legitimate effort to fix the site and make it more fun for the users. I’m not gonna lie, I’m completely in love with the site now. You should check it out again, especially since they offer free trials. You might change your mind about it! I hope you do!


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