Mingle2.com Review: A Really Crappy Adult Finder Site Without a Doubt



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This place just reeks of a complete lack of effort. There's clearly no effort in the layout, and no effort in trying to maintain it or bring in any living customers.

When it comes to sites like Mingle2.com, you really just have to shake your head and move on immediately. This site clearly was designed off of a template in five minutes.

That’s as much moderation as it gets, too.

When a site isn’t well-maintained, this is what you get–just a hot mess that isn’t ever going to end up giving you the fun, excitement, and joy that you get from hookups.


Instead, you just get a site that’s dead, boring, and really open to have scammers join at any time. No one should have to put up with that sort of behavior, and that’s a fact.

This is one site that just isn’t ever going to get better. There’s no way that you’ll ever end up seeing new members here, and that’s something that’s going to kill a site.

The Worst Numbers

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our Mingle2 ratings, and during that time, we sent out a total of 150 chat messages to ladies that were online.

It really sucked.

From those 150 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 4 responses. This was just pathetic, and it really did prove to us how bad this site was from top to bottom.

screen Mingle2 overlay

Amazing adult finder sites exist, and we’re here to prove it with our site ranking.

From those 4 responses, not a single woman actually asked to meet up with us. This was just plain sad, and it made us realize that the site wasn’t worth it at all for us.

There’s no reason to use this site. That’s something that we were very clear on after using it, and that’s why we won’t ever be going back to this particular site again.

Gross Features

When it comes to trying to have a good time on the Mingle2 adult finder site…well, good luck. There’s no way that it’s going to happen, though, so don’t waste your time.

We hate that.

We really don’t like being defeated by a finder site, but this one does that. It’s just one site that isn’t ever going to end up having any number of members that you can chat with.

When a site just seriously lacks any and all activity, what’s the point? This whole site is just not even actively trying to bring ladies into the site, which is the worst of it.

We hate this site. There’s no way that you’ll ever end up being able to get any sort of attention here, let alone an actual date that’s going to end up being a ton of fun.

Some Awful News

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Mingle2.com Isn’t a Good Adult Finder Site At All

We were really not into Mingle2.com, and for very good reasons. This site is just a complete and utter waste of space and time, and that’s why we couldn’t wait to leave.

It sucks.

When a site just doesn’t even try to advertise and get more customers on the site, of course it’s going to end up dying. That’s something that we saw right away online.

This site is just a complete wasteland, and we feel really gross about having spent so much time on this site that just ended up being a complete and utter waste.

It’s no good. This site is just not going to ever change, either, and this is why we were ultimately so excited about being able to leave it behind and move onto something new.

You deserve better.

You should be checking out our number one site instead, XXXConnect.com. It’s the best site out there for adult finder services, and we’ve proven that without a single doubt.

Considering our results have backed it up and we use it ourselves all the time…there’s no reason to waste your time with really crappy sites. This one really just works.

Check it out, and you can see for yourself. It’s the best site out there, and we’ve proven without a doubt that it can give you exactly what you’re looking for. It just works.

Give it a shot!

15 Responses to “Mingle2.com Review: A Really Crappy Adult Finder Site Without a Doubt”

  1. ToddlerToddler

    Mingle2.com disappointed me. I joined it thinking I would finally find a way to find women to hook up with but in the end I was just really letdown by the site as a whole. They really should have tried hard to make the site something worth using. That’s just my opinion though and it seems like the people who run the site don’t share that or something or this might have been better.

  2. Fuck this site and fuck all of the women on it. Theyre rude and unattractive and I really wish there was something more to say about them other than how awful they are. I should be able to say tht I’d had a lot of great hookups but no, that’s not possible on this site. i should have known it would be just another letdown just like all of the other ones.

  3. Fast Opossum

    I didn’t have very much fun on here and I think it’s because the site isn’t very good. Honestly I wish I’d never joined it and I don’t know how anyone actually manages to meet anyone on here so I guess if you can, more power to you. I just know I didn?t like the site and I’m done with it for good. I wouldn’t recommend this to ayone for any reaosn.

  4. Don’t tell me that this site is bad. I don’t want to hear it. I haven’t used it yet and I’m hoping it ends up being really good but I don’t know what to expect. I’ve heard mixe reviews about it so I’m really not sure what to think at this point. Hopefully it ends up being something really great for me because I could definitely use the extra fun in my life.

  5. Stephan Shick

    My friends all laughed at me for joining this site, and now I guess it’s time that I admit that it’s totally okay for them to do that, because I deserve it. I was a huge idiot for falling for this site in the first place, and now I feel even worse because I was warned about it before I even signed up. I should have listened to my friends.

  6. I joined Mingle2.com thinking it would be really fun but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This site is the biggest waste of time I’ve ever experienced and honestly if you think otherwise then you don’t have a goddamn clue what you’re talking about. The women on here are something else and I don’t mean that in a good way. None of them knew the meaning of casual hookup it seemed like.

  7. Mohammad

    My experience on here was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I thought I was going to have fun on here. Instead, I ended up getting insulted and wishing that I had never been born. I had so many problems with this site, and the people who run it don’t even care if people complain about it. They seemed to think it was actually pretty funny.

  8. Ugly Rusty Saint

    I’d love to have a great time on one of these sites, just once. I never had fun being on these sites, and I wish that I’d just called it quits with them a long time ago. I always have way too much faith in them, to be honest, and then I end up totally screwing myself over in the long run. You guys should call it quits with me.

  9. Raymundo

    To be honest I don’t know what to say about this site. I wish I knew what to say but I’m terrible at writing reviews for these things so it would probably be better if I could just keep my mouth shut. No one reads these reviews anyway so there wouldn’t even be a point in me writing one, you know? I’m just not going to do it right now. Or ever, probably.

  10. Cyrus Sutorius

    Why is it that sites like this always do well? I can’t wrap my mind around it at all. The women on here are such low quality that I can’t imagine ever getting up for them at all, let alone actually enjoying spending time with them. I’ve heard horror stories of people getting scammed on these sites, too, which doesn’t surprise me at all. I wouldn’t expect anything less, to be honest.

  11. Cow Forsaken

    Mingle2.com is really bad. I only wish there was something I could say that would make them change how the site runs so it would have some chance of being something worth using, just maybe. This site is just really bad and I wish I could have found a site that would actually work to help me meet someone to sleep with. I’m tired of porn and my hand for sure.

  12. I can’t believe I wasted my time on here. In case you haven’t figure it out on your own, which I really hope you have, this site is a scam. I’ve been on a lot of sites, so I know a scam when I see one, and this is definitely a scam. I’d love to tell you that you’ll have fun on here, but I’d definitely be lying to you.

  13. Steamy Pet

    Why is this site so popular? I’ve heard so many people talking about how good it is, but I really just couldn’t stand it at all. I can’t believe you’d want people to come onto a site like this in the first place, because it’s one of the worst in the world. You guys must all be lying about this being a good site. I refuse to believe it’s actually good.

  14. This site has me confused. I’m not sure what to think of it at all but when it comes down to it I guess I’m just apathetic. I haven’t been super impressed by the site but I also haven’t been disappointed by it either. That makes me think I just don’t care about the site, but not in a bad way. I just don’t have any thoughts about it either way.

  15. Doug Gettemy

    I don’t have anything good to say about this website. I feel like they don’t give a shit about their users and that’s really sad. Especially because they want people to pay to use the site, they really need to work on making their site something worth paying for and something even worth using. I don’t know, i don’t know why anyone would want to get started using something like this.


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