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Sites that don't bother to cater to ladies don't last, and that's exactly what's happened here. This site is just plain dead, and there's not a single lady in sight.

Sites like just make us roll our eyes. They clearly think that they’re being classy by not putting naked girls on the front page, but mostly, it’s just boring.

It’s a dead site.

Any finder site that doesn’t have a large population of ladies is dead in our book. That’s because it ultimately just isn’t ever going to end up giving you the results that you want.


You need a certain ratio for a site to succeed, and this site just doesn’t have those. It’s not ever going to end up giving you the results that you want because it can’t.

With that in mind, we were so ready to get the hell out of here and never come back. It’s just not worth it when there aren’t any women around to even talk to them.

Awful Numbers For You

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our Shagaholic ratings, and during that time, we sent out a total of 150 chat messages to ladies that were online.

It wasn’t good at al.

From those 150 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 33 responses. This was just plain awful, and it doesn’t even come close to our minimum response rate.

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From those 33 responses, not a single woman would actually chat us up and give us anything close to a meet up in real life. This was really, really pathetic for starters.

This whole site just went downhill from there, and we were really ready to go from that point onward. It’s just crap, and it’s never going to really change at this rate.

Crappy Features All Around

The more time that we spent trying to make the Shagaholic adult finder work for us, the more we realized that this site just had a serious lack of ladies on the site itself.

It doesn’t cater to women.

This site tries to be somewhat progressive and open…but only on the front page of the layout. After that, it’s boobs and butts everywhere, and that’s just plain gross to us.

We really like to see a site that actually caters to the ladies. An intimate atmosphere is absolutely required, and this site just plain doesn’t come close to that at all.

It’s because of that that we were so fed up. This site is just seriously lacking, and it’s one of those things that isn’t even going to come close to changing in the near future.

The Worst News Online

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If you want to make doggystyle hotter, this article can help you out: Can’t Even Come Close as an Adult Finder Site Online

We really hated, and that’s why we don’t plan on ever coming back to this site again. It just can’t even come close to hitting the mark for us in general.

It’s crap.

A site like this one isn’t ever going to be able to give you the results that you want. It’s basically just dead and empty, and that’s the sort of thing that you need to leave in the dust.

It’s for that reason that we honestly just quit using this site. We never want to go back, because we know for a fact that our results are just going to be substandard at best.

Keep this in mind, and move on from it. You can really end up doing so much better, and that’s ultimately what we planned on whenever we were using other sites.

We wanted the best.

Instead, you should be checking out our number one site, It’s the best of the best, and it really can end up delivering you some awesome experiences.

Check it out, and you’ll be able to see for yourself what you can really end up getting out of a good finder site. The answer is, an always should be, an amazing fun time with the ladies.

If you can’t meet ladies there, you aren’t going to meet them anywhere. We’re sure of that, and that’s why we know for a fact that you can’t pass it by for anything else.

Have fun!

15 Responses to “ Review: A Horrible Adult Finder Site That We Hate”

  1. Forsaken Endless Chick is BAD. The women are rude if you message them and it really makes you wonder why the fuck they’re on a site like this anyway. If you’re not looking for a hookup, why have a profile on a site specifically for hookups?

  2. This site is terrible and that’s coming from someone who’s used quite a few other sites like it in the past so I kind of know what I’m talking about with this stuff. This one is just not good at all.

  3. If you think this site’s good then that’s your opinion, it’s cool. But what you need to know is that this site isn’t good at all, at least I didn’t think so. Maybe I was just being a little too picky or something.

  4. If there’s one thing I know about this site, it’s that I don’t know what I think about this site. I just don’t have strong opinions about these types of things so I guess that might be what my problem is.

  5. Roy Hastings

    Don’t waste your time on here or you’re going to regret it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve regretted signing up because it seems like I get ten times more spam email than I did before joining this site.

  6. Zon Hatcom

    I had a profile on for a while but I kept not getting any responses back when I sent out messages so a lot of the fun was taken away from it for me. The site isn’t very good.

  7. I wish this site had been good. I wanted to get laid and it would have been nice to be able to find women to hook up with but I guess this site doesn’t actually want to help anybody out.

  8. Cult Star

    This doesn’t work because all of the women on here are fake. Seriously, all of the profiles I saw looked like fake spam profiles. The site probably just wants to make itself look better and that’s really shitty of then to lie like that

  9. What’s the deal with this site? Are the women sexy? Does the site look nice and work well? I want to know if the site is good before I even sing up for a free trial because I don’t want to end up being disappointed.

  10. Gregorio Mccune

    There’s so much wrong with this site but it’s nothing I care about going into. I didn’t like it and I’m not going to recommend the site to anyone but just know that it isn’t very good in any way.

  11. Morbid Python was bad and that’s all I have to say about it. I hated the site and I think a lot of things could be done to improve it but apparently the people who run the site don’t care enough.

  12. To be honest this site sucks. I was desperate when I joined it but once I started getting laid (by meeting women OUTSIDE of this site by the way) I can see how bad it is now, because it’s really bad.

  13. William Gold Scarlet

    I should have seen this coming. I should have known this site was just going to disappoint me and that’s exactly what it did. Sites like this…I can’t believe they want me to pay for stuff like this? Really now?

  14. What to say about this site? Hmm. I’m not sure. I used it for a while but I don’t think I really have anything to say about it. At least not anything that’s relevant, anyway. I just don’t know with this.

  15. Isaias Clarke

    Is there something I’m missing about this site? I used it for a while but I don’t know what to say about it. Other people seem to have liked it so I don’t know if I’m just missing something because I thought it was crap.


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