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With a name like that, it's no surprise that this place is absolutely crawling with scammers and private investigators. It's really unsafe, and not at all worth it.

Here’s the thing: just isn’t that great in our opinion. This makes for a really, really scary site.

You should be wary.

The thing about finder sites is that sometimes, they end up crossing over with affair sites. That’s ultimately what is going on here, and it’s not a good look for anyone.


We found ourselves constantly paranoid when ti came to this site, and that’s really just not a good thing at all. This site is really full of nothing but really bad people.

They’re out to not only get your cash, but they’re out to blackmail you for it. Even if it’s just to some ex that you had years ago, these creeps will find them…and make your life miserable.

Unfortunate Numbers For Everyone

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our TrueCheater ratings, and during that time, we sent out a total of 150 chat messages to ladies that we met online.

It was pathetic.

From those 150 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 40 responses. This was really pathetic, and we couldn’t wait to get the hell out of this site because of it.

image overlay TrueCheater

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From those 40 responses, not a single woman actually wanted to chat us up and meet us in real life. This was sad, and we were really disappointed in this site overall.

We couldn’t wait to get out after seeing these numbers. They were absolutely not worth it, and this whole site just kept on giving us more and more disappointment as time went on.

These Features Bombed

The main issue that we had with the TrueCheater adult finder site is that it’s honestly just very unsafe for you. You aren’t ever going to end up relaxing on this site.

That’s awful.

The more time that we spent here, the more we realized half of the women we were messaging were actually scammers, or were actually just private investigators.

It was gross and awful. This whole site made us very uncomfortable, and it made us constantly watch what was going on with our wallet, which isn’t a way to be at all.

We want to be able to relax on our finder site ventures, but we couldn’t do that here. This whole site made us very nervous and feel very unsafe, and that’s why we wanted out.

The Saddest News

Knowing the most erogenous parts of her body is an important thing for sure:

Your favorite position says a lot about you without a doubt:

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We really couldn’t stand This whole site was just awful, and we were really ready to get the hell out of here after finding no less than a dozen private investigators.

It’s out to get you.

It’s really not good to be on a finder site that makes us feel like we’re constantly being watched…and not in a sexy way. Instead, it was in a very, very unsafe way in general.

This site made us want to hide our wallet and never come out again. This site just made us want to leave immediately, and that’s what we finally ended up doing.

Leaving this site was a relief, and we were really glad to get out while we did. We just never felt safe, and that’s why we were so ready to get the hell out of here overall.

Skip it.

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15 Responses to “ Review: Not a Good Adult Finder Site in the Slightest”

  1. has more issues than a bad porno magazine and I mean that in THE worst way possible. Maybe the people who run this site could try a little harder to make it something worth using but for the time being I’m forced to consider this site one of the worst ones out there when it comes to finding women to hook up with when you need someone in a casual way.

  2. I wish there was something good about this site but there really isn’t. I think this site is the worst one I’ve ever used and the women were all so ugly that I couldn’t get into it no matter how hard I tried. The women just made it way too hard to get into it because they didn’t care what you were looking for. I don’t know why they were on a site like this.

  3. Everyone on here was pretty rude?idk, I messaged a lot of women and it didn’t seem like any of them really wanted me to meet up with them. I don’t know why you’d have a profile on here if you aren’t looking to find someone to hook up with, you know? I guess everyone has their reasons, but no one I messaged on here was interested in anything at al.

  4. I wish I knew what this site was like. I don’t want to join without knowing if the site is good or not so I guess I just won’t join? Maybe. Maybe I’ll look around and see if people have written reviews or anything about this site so I know what I’m getting myself into before I actually sign up for a membership and get my profile up and running.

  5. Lamar Walker

    This site should have worked out really well for me but all it did was prove to me that sites that show you women that you can hook up with aren’t worth using. This site has so many issues that it might as well not even try to work because I don’t think it’s possible. Seriously, this site sucks and I don’t want anyone to try and suffer through it.

  6. Strawberry Vulture

    I used to try and find women to fuck when my wife went on business trips but all I found were a bunch of really old ugly women that I’d never want to meet up with for any reason, let alone to sleep with. This site was just a train wreck and I couldn’t stop using it for a while. I’m glad I finally did stop using it in the end.

  7. I wish I’d never joined this site and I don’t normally regret things like that. Normally I just put it behind me and say whatever, it didn’t work and that’s fine, I’ll just move on. But this site, I truly regret using. I wish I’d never even seen that ad for it and signed up for it because I feel like I did nothing but waste my damn time here.

  8. Los Wriggler

    I wish the women on this site had been a little better with responding to messages. Either they’re fake profiles, or they’re just not in it to actually hook up. I hate women who don’t know what they’re looking for. Don’t join a site like this if you aren’t going to follow through when people message you, so that’s why it annoys me. This site just had nothing good about it.

  9. If there’s a site out there that works better than this one, let me know. I have opinions about this one but I don’t know if they’re good opinions? I don’t know if I’m just easily swayed one direction or the other so I don’t exactly want to say how I feel about this site right now, you know? I want to use the best site out there to meet women for hookups.

  10. Bradly Boyer

    If there’s one thing that drives me nuts about this site it’s that half the time you want it to, it doesn’t load. I just wish there was a way to make it work more often because I might stick around but with how much it glitches and stuff I just can’t put up with it for too much longer. I wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone to be honest.

  11. Barbaric Anaconda

    There are a lot of things wrong with and I think the site’s design is one of the worst ones. Normally things like how a site looks doesn’t really bug me but this one for some reason really just gets to me. That’s the main reason I can’t use the site so it might not be a big deal to anyone else but it just really bothers me for some reason.

  12. Fuck all of the women on this site because they don’t even know what they’re doing. They’re on here to look for casual hookups or something, but then if you message them it’s like they have no fucking clue what they actually want. I don’t like people who are so wishy washy like that and yo-yo back and forth between things. It drives me nuts and I don’t know why.

  13. Prophet Dancing

    Don’t join this site. Just don’t. You’re going to regret it if you do and I don’t want anyone to be that disappointed when they’re trying to get laid with something like this. I know I hated it and I bet a lot of other guys will too, but then again I guess I can’t speak for everybody when it comes to this stuff. I just hated this damn site.

  14. If I’m going to use a site to meet women just to hook up with, is this a good one to do it on? I want to make sure that I’m joining a good one and that I’m not going to end up wasting my time. That thought pisses me off like none other?I hate wasting my time and money so this site had better not fuck me over if I sign up.

  15. Elvis Fonblanque

    There’s no way you could get me to keep using this site, not after how bad it’s pissed me off. The whole thing is a poorly designed virus ridden mess and I don’t know how anyone ever suffers through it enough to meet anyone on here. I couldn’t meet anyone no matter how hard I tried talking to so many women and I just ended up being really disappointed in the end.


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