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This site really hits it out of the park on customer service, and you'll always be kept safe from scams and provided for. The variety of ladies definitely doesn't hurt, either.

It’s honestly a pretty rare day down the line that we get to find a site that’s as legitimately good as The thing about this site is that it actually cares about you.

They want their customers to be happy.

XXXConnect CTA image

The reason that this site stays as successful as it does is that it really does go out of its way to make sure that its customers are provided for and kept safe online.

This is the kind of thing that you’ve got to be careful about on a lot of sites, but this site really goes out of its way to make sure that you’re getting what you came for.

With that in mind, you can relax here. We loved that about it, and that’s why we really started being able to explore the site and have a great time with it in general.

There’s a lot of variety here.

Just on the front page, you can really tell that there are lots of different kinds of women on this site. They’re mostly all gorgeous, of course, and that’s a ton of fun for you.

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Great service and an amazingly active userbase makes this site our number one. Check it out tonight at XXXConnect

We loved being able to browse this site for someone new every single day. It really made our time spent here very exciting, and ultimately, it was just a great experience.

Having a finder site like this one available is something that you just aren’t always going to be able to enjoy…but with this one, you’ve got that. It’s a great thing, and we love it.

The site doesn’t get slow.

Something else worth noting when it comes to this particular site–it’s never going to end up slowing down on you. We only ever saw incredible activity while using this site.

That’s something that is so very, very important when it comes to finder sites, because without an active user base, your chances of having a good time are pretty slim.

Check it out, and you’ll be able to see for yourself how well it’s going to be able to work for you. We’ve proven that with our review, so make sure to keep reading about it.

Amazing Numbers That Proved It Works

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our XXXConnect ratings, and during that time, we sent out a total of 150 chat messages to ladies that were online.

It was fantastic.

From those 150 chat messages, we managed to have a total of 80 responses total from the ladies that we talked to. This was really awesome, and we had a great time.

From those 80 messages, a total of 20 of those ladies actually wanted to meet up and planned dates with us. This promised one hell of a lot of fun from this site from the start.

From those 20 dates, a total of 9 actually ended up showing up, which was above and beyond what we expected. This site really did make us have a great time.

It kept going.

Some sites like this just really end up being boring after the first hookup or two, but this site was one that just kept on giving. We had a great time here because of that.

A lot of that came to be because out of those 9 ladies we met up with, a total of 4 of them actually wanted to end up on second dates with us. This was awesome for sure.

This whole site just kept on giving for us. That was a great thing, and we couldn’t imagine ever checking out another site that would give us results that were this great.

Some Messages That Really Worked

Chat Message 1: “Hi, Amelia. I saw that you were really into the idea of going out on a romantic outing in the park with someone that just wants to have some casual fun.

I’m all up for that, and I think we could really get to know one another first. Talk to me about some of your interests, and maybe we can plan a really cool garden date.”

Chat Message 2: “Hi, Candace. I saw that you were really into knitting, and some of the creations that you posted were absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to see more of them.

It’s always amazing to see the level of craft and dedication that a lot of people on these sites have. You really stand out because of that, and I can’t help but want to know more.”

Great Site Features That We Really Loved

When it comes to trying to make this site work for you…well, you’re in luck. The thing about the XXXConnect adult finder is that it’s really just made for guys like us.

It’s easy to use.

One of the most important aspects of any finder site is that it’s very, very usable. This site has that going for it in spades, and that’s something that you just can’t ignore.

We were able to really relax on a site like this one. It just made us want to kick back and put our feet up because we knew we could have a ton of fun with how easy it all was.

This site just kept on delivering. It’s one of those sites that if you just sit on for about five minutes, you’ll usually be able to at least have one conversation with a lady.

That’s a great thing.

The other thing that really made us relax into this site was the fact that the variety is very, very strong here. If you’re looking for something in particular, you can probably find it.

With that in mind, we were really able to relax. That’s something that isn’t going to happen on a lot of finder sites, but it definitely does on This site rocks.

We were having a great time here because of it. We never found ourselves doubting our choices, and we never felt like we were getting scammed. That’s a very good thing!

A Few Ways to Get Ahead

The thing about this site is that there is a definite way to really end up standing out, and that’s good for you. Once you know those secrets, you’ll have a much easier time.

We know all about it.

This is a huge site, of course, and that definitely means that you will have to put some effort into actually standing out here. There’s no way around that, we’re afraid.

That being said, confidence is really key. If you’re a confident dude and a friendly one, a lot of girls are going to really end up flocking to you on this particular finder site.

That’s because there are so many men out there that just don’t even try to be a nice guy. They just want to have everything handed to them, and that’s not going to work.

Have a filled out profile.

It should go without saying, but you really do need a profile on that’s actually fully filled out. We hate that a lot of people just don’t even try with this sort of thing.

Don’t be this kind of person. Be the guy that has a profile that’s filled out to the nines. That’s going to bring more ladies to your inbox than you ever would have imagined.

With all of these things backing you up, you’ll be able to have a lot more fun. You’ll also be able to really be a stand out, and that’s what you want amongst a sea of men.

A Few Fixes Here and There

There’s no doubt in our minds that this is a really great site, but there’s absolutely no finder site that isn’t without a few issues. We found a few that have to do with this one.

It could cater to ladies more.

Listen–we love seeing boobs everywhere, we really do. That being said, it’s not exactly the best way to get a ton of ladies to enjoy joining your site first and foremost.

That’s what we really found ourselves disliking about this site. That’s one of the only things, admittedly, but it’s still enough to make us end up worrying about the numbers.

Once this site actually improves its layout, there should be a definite change in ratio for the better. There should be more ladies joining, and that’s a very important thing.

The layout just also needs work.

Aside from catering to the ladies, we also just personally think that the layout could use a bit of updating. It might be easy to use, but it’s also rather outdated in general.

That’s not something that you really want to hear from someone that’s reviewing your site. You really want someone to actually think that your layout is new and sleek.

Sadly, this one is not. Keep this in mind, and hopefully you’ll be able to tolerate it just fine. We honestly didn’t have too many issues, but it’s still ultimately worth mentioning.

There could be more advertising, actually.

One more final nitpick–there should actually be more advertising on this particular site in order to rake in more customers. That’s something that will definitely change things.

We’ve been on a lot of amazing sites over the years, but you really do have to milk those numbers for all that they’re worth. Hopefully, this site will be able to do the same.

With these proposed changes, we know that everything will be able to be awesome. It’s awesome already, but… more improvements are still not a bad idea in our book!

Good News Around Here

If you want to end up having a ton of fun with her, you need to make sure that her mood is spot on for you:

If you’ve got sex questions, this article might be able to help you out with that in particular, so read on:

There are a few sex positions that every single guy really does need to try in the future: is Our Best Adult Finder Site, and We’ve Proven That

We were really, really into, and that’s why it’s our number one site overall. Our results don’t lie, and that’s why we know for a fact that it’s really the best.

You can’t miss out.

This is one site that’s going to always be able to give you what you want. This site just goes out of its way to give you what you’re looking for, and that’s why we love it.

We never had a bad experience here. Giving this site a really good run for it is something that you really need to do, because there’s no reason you should find it lacking.

A great experience is something that you deserve without a doubt. Check out this site, and we know for a fact that you’re going to be able to have that sort of thing in spades.

You deserve to have fun.

If there’s one thing that this site is very firm on, it’s the fact that you really do deserve to have a good time while using it. You’re never going to find yourself lacking in that.

This site wants to take care of you and give you an incredible performance. If you can make that happen, there’s no reason that you should ever doubt yourself again.

This is the site for you. It’s really made for you and it’s made by guys like us, too. Check it out, and we know for a fact that you’ll be able to get more of what you want all the time.

Go for it for sure.

This is the site that shouldn’t ever be a question on your list. It should always be the answer, and we’re sure of that without a doubt after seeing how well it performed for us.

Good luck!

33 Responses to “ One Hell of an Awesome Adult Finder Site”

  1. Finger Swift

    When I first joined, I was really worried that I would hate it. Luckily for me, I actually ended up loving it! I don’t know what it is about the women on here, but I can’t get enough! I’m on here damn near every free moment I have, and I honestly never get sick of it. I wish I could say I did so maybe I wouldn’t spend so much money!

  2. Why did nobody tell me about this site sooner?? I completely love it. I’ve honestly never seen a site that works better in my whole life, and I go on a LOT of these kinds of sites. Before this site, though, I never really felt like I belonged anywhere. Thank you guys so much for making this a great community that I can definitely come back to again and again.

  3. Norbert Thigpen

    You know, I really get why people might think that this is a scam, but I can promise you it’s not! I really want to get some more people on here, but I don’t see that happening until you guys fix up this site a little. I mean, it just looks kind of outdated. I know it works well because I was on here, but other people probably won’t take my word.

  4. Is there somewhere that I can read reviews for this site? I’m getting kind of nervous about the whole thing. I signed up for a free trial and figured that I’d join and do research later, but I?m not finding any actual research! It’s so confusing, and I could really use some concrete facts so I know if I should keep paying for the site or not. Help me out!

  5. Captain Marcia Seagull

    My friends were all over these kinds of sites, so of course I wanted to try one out for myself. I think I made a really good choice. There haven’t really been any moments where I’ve wished that I chose a different site than this one, so I think that’s pretty good. I like being on sites that actually treat me like a person and not just a wallet, honestly.

  6. Ocelot Hidden

    Why exactly are more people not running to be a member of I love this site! It’s definitely one of the best ones out there, and it’s actually better than quite a few of the bigger ones I’ve been on! All the comments I’m seeing for the site are so negative, though, and I just really don’t get it. Can you guys let me know why people are being so nasty?

  7. It’s refreshing to be on here because the women are all young, bright, and very friendly. They’re great for if you want to get off, but they’re also really good to just talk to. I can’t tell you how many women I’ve just unloaded all my woes onto, and they’ve all been really great about it, too. I’ve never felt like I needed to shut up or anything around them.

  8. Stevie Pearson

    What’s the deal? Why do people not like this site? I mean, I guess it might glitch sometimes, but it’s not awful. For the price, it’s a really good value. I haven’t had any severe issues with the site, and I’ve been on here for a really long time. If you have another reason to not like this site, then I would really like to hear it. Go on, tell me!

  9. I’d love to join this site if I can find the proof that it’s legit, but I’m having a really hard time digging up anything but bad examples of reviews for this site. People really don’t like this site, do they? I don’t get it. I feel like it looks like a pretty good site, actually, so I’m going to keep digging for evidence that I should stick around here.

  10. Bear Stony

    When I go on these kinds of sites, it always makes me happy. I don’t know, call me a pervert, but I always love being on sites with a bunch of women on them. It makes me feel more at ease than I would if the site was mostly guys. I love flirting with all the women on here, and they all love when I flirt because they always respond just how I want.

  11. Mysterious Mandrill

    My time on has been nothing but sheer bliss. I know, you probably think I’m full of it, but I’m not lying at all! I’ve been having a great time on here, and all the women are so nice that I always feel right at home. You guys should try it out, too, because I can promise that you’re going to completely LOVE it. They have free trials, too!

  12. How many women are on here? Does anyone know? I always feel like I’ve chatted with them all, but then new ones will crop up! I’m not about to complain, though, because it keeps things fresh. I’d -probably get bored if I was just talking to a bunch of the same women all the time! Thank you guys for hiring so many women that I never get tired of it.

  13. Pierre Bender

    So, what’s the deal? This site is still really small, even though it’s been several years now. I figured it’d take off in no time, but it hasn’t grown at all! I guess I don’t really want to complain about it, though. If it became a bigger site, then it would probably cost way more to be on here, and I don’t exactly have the budget to deal with that.

  14. There’s no reason that I really need to be on this site, but a part of me really WANTS to be on this site, you know? I think it’s because a lot of my friends are on sites like this these days, and I want to be a member of one just like them. I think this one is relatively cheap, too, so that makes it even better. Do you guys recommend it?

  15. Groovelux

    I love being on here, honestly. I thought I would just use the site as something to laugh at, but it turned out to be so much more for me. It turned out to be a great site for me to spend my time on. I was really anxious all the time before this site, and now I go on here whenever I feel down. The women are always really sweet to me.

  16. Stormy Dagger

    My favorite thing about is how well the site functions as a whole. I’m really just used to all these sites glitching and messing up on me, and shutting down randomly, so to be honest this is a refreshing change of pace. I feel like I can spend ages on here and not even notice, so that tells me it’s a great site to be on. I love it!

  17. Honestly, I feel like this site is one of the best ones out there these days. I never have any moments where I regret joining the site, and I’ve been spending a ton of time on here. If I haven’t changed my mind by now, then I don’t think I’m ever going to. I’m going to spend time on here for as long as this site exists, consider me a fan for life!

  18. Weldon Gottwine

    I’m not normally into these kinds of sites, to be honest. I think normally they end up being really boring, and I end up wishing that I’d just saved my money. I haven’t reached that point with this site yet. I feel like someday I will reach that point, but not today. For now, I love the site and want to keep coming on here. I hope you join, too!

  19. I’ve only been a member on this site for a few weeks now, so I don’t really have much of an opinion on this site, but I hope I like it! I’ve had some really bad experiences in the past, but this site might be better than the others, you know? At any rate, until I learn better I’m definitely going to stay optimistic. If you guys know anything I don’t, though, tell me!

  20. Everyone who talks shit on this site clearly has no idea what they’re talking about. If you spend any time at all on here, you’d know that it’s a completely legit site that a lot of people want to spend time on. Ruining its reputation doesn’t have a damn thing to do with you, it’s just hurting the people who love this site. Don’t be a dick, you guys. Seriously.

  21. Captain Peter Sangre

    Not gonna lie, is probably the best site I’ve ever been on in my life. I’d love for my friends to all be members on here, too, so I’m trying to convince them to come on! They’re kind of hesitant, but that’s completely understandable. I mean, it’s not often that a small site like this turns out to be legit, you know? I just keep promising that it is.

  22. I feel like the people who don’t like this site just don’t really know how it works. I love this site! I’ve been recommending it to everyone all over my blog and the forums that I go on, so you can bet you’ll be having a small influx of members really soon. I have a pretty decent following of people who will listen and come on here, just you wait.

  23. Prince Kanaga

    In all honesty, I guess I understand why people assume that this might be a scam. I mean, there have been a lot of scam sites like this one cropping up lately, and they’re getting more and more convincing. I can sit here and tell you over and over that this is a good site, but you don’t have to believe me. I mean, you should believe me, but still.

  24. What’s up with this site? I don’t know, I’m getting worried that it migh be a scam because I keep trying to get it to load and nothing’s happening. I’m not going to condemn it just yet, though! I mean, after all I don’t know for sure. It might be a really good site that’s just having a rough time right now. I’ll give it a while, then I’ll decide.

  25. William Corsair Coldbane

    My time on here has been AWESOME. I seriously wouldn’t trade it for the world. Can you believe how great the women on here are? Just between us, I’ve even talked to some of them privately. Like, they’ve given my their phone numbers. I’ve arranged to hook up with a few of them, too, which has been really fun. The ladies on here definitely know what they’re doing, oh man.

  26. Nocturnal Trendy

    I think that people usually avoid sites like because of the bad reputation all those small sites have for being scams, and that makes perfect sense. You guys should just know that this site is actually really good! I’ve been on here for a while, and I haven’t had a single moment where I thought that it might be a scam. You need to try this site out for sure!

  27. Can you believe that people actually think this site is a scam? I’m going to laugh my ass off, oh my god. This site is no more a scam than one of the big sites is, and it’s way more affordable. If you’re looking to have fun without breaking the bank, then I would definitely recommend going on here. I’ve been on here for ages and haven’t regretted it for a moment.

  28. Coleman Harris

    I feel like people think that this site is fake because it does need some work. I know it looks like all those small sites that don’t work at all, but that’s not the case. I swear if you just give the site a chance you’re going to love it, and if you join then they’ll have more money to really renovate the site. It could be so much better.

  29. Is there a reason why this site isn’t very popular? I mean, it kind of makes me afraid to go on the site, but I don’t want to judge it just based on that. I think that it’s dumb when people do that, so I don’t know if I should go on here and try it out just in case. I mean, I think they offer free trials, so I’ll just do that.

  30. Thirsty Spider

    I can’t believe this site! It’s so much better than I ever imagined it would be, and I’ve been coming on here for almost a year now. My friends told me at first that this was a fake site for sure and to stay the hell away from it, but I’ve had nothing but good experiences on here. I’m going to stay on here for a long time, my friends can shut up.

  31. Wow, I can’t get enough of this site! Seriously, I’m head over heels for it! is my favorite site of all the ones I’ve been on by far, and I really can’t see a time in my life where I wouldn’t want to be on here! So many people have left the site for some reason, but I’m still standing here! I love it more than anything in the world.

  32. My friends all laughed at me when I joined this site, and now I’m going to laugh at all of them because this site turned out to be so much better than what they said it would be. They all told me it would be an awful scam and that I would regret it in the end, but I have yet to regret anything! It’s a great site, they’re just jealous.

  33. Reginald Byers

    Being on this site has reminded me why I like these kinds of sites! It’s such a relief to be on here and chat with all the women. They’re so nice and friendly all the time, and I want to go on here as often as possible. I know it costs a lot to be on these kinds of sites, but if you ask me it’s totally worth the cost.


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