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Fake profiles try to mask a complete lack of any real women here, and it's really obvious at that. The most you'll find here are escorts, and that's not something you want. is another site that just loves to lie outright to you. It’s one of those sites that just doesn’t even try to give you anything close to real women online.

It’s all fakes.

The moment that we saw this site, we just had to collectively groan. It’s mostly just full of fake profiles, and that’s really not something that anyone is going to want to see.


The front page does a great job of ‘enticing’ men…but what about the ladies? Boobs and butts are great, but you want straight women to join these sites, and that’s not going to cut it.

With a site like this one, there’s nothing to do but to leave it be. We were really just glad that we got out of here unscathed, because it’s a pretty damn scammy site.

Numbers That Failed

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our XXXDating ratings, and during that time, we sent out a total of 150 chat messages to ladies that we met online.

It was dreadful.

From those 150 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 17 responses total. This was really, really sad, and it didn’t end up giving us anywhere close to the numbers we wanted.

img overlay XXXDating

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From those 17 responses, obviously we couldn’t get a single woman to end up chatting us up about meeting in public. This was just plain disappointing for sure, and we hated that.

This whole site just couldn’t even come close to matching our expectations. It’s not a good site, and it’s not the kind of site that really needs to ever keep scamming people.

A Lame Site With Bad Features

The thing about this site is that it is honestly just really lame, and no matter how much we tried to make the XXXDating adult finder site work, it was just really a flop.

It’s dead.

Because there aren’t any women that really want to make this site their home base, there’s no way that you’re ever going to really see some serious results here.

That’s just disappointing and sad, and we were really, really not happy with it. This is a really crappy site because of that, and with low numbers, there’s no chances for dates.

It’s one of those sites that’s just going to end up disappearing in a few years, anyway, and that’s a good thing, trust us. This whole site doesn’t deserve to exist.

Some Pathetic News

If you want to know how to handle her breasts, this article can help out:

There are a few body parts that she’s really going to want you to touch:

There are a few places that she really wants you to touch, so keep that in mind: Just Fails as an Adult Finder Site

We were really unhappy with, and that’s why we couldn’t wait to leave. A site like this one just isn’t going to even come close to giving you what you want.

It sucks.

With a site like this one, you’re not going to ever even see real women on it. Why would they join a site that just isn’t even remotely catering to them? Guess what–they won’t.

This means that you’re basically just using a site that isn’t even going to come close to giving you good results. You’re going to find yourself in a site full of dead profiles.

At best, you’ll end up seeing some escorts on here, but that’s not what you want, anyway. With that all in mind, this site is just a complete and utter waste of time as per usual.

Forget this one.

You can end up doing so much better, and we know it. That’s why this site just needs to be left in the dust and instead, you should be checking out

Check out that site, and you’ll really be able to see some results. We know for a fact that it works, and we know for a fact that you’ll be able to meet some gorgeous ladies.

Give it a shot and have some fun. That’s what hookup and finder sites are all about, and that’s why you just need to be able to let loose and have fun on a great site.

Go for it!

15 Responses to “ Review: No Good Adult Finder Site to be Found Here”

  1. Morbid Seal

    The worst thing about is that if you don’t cancel your free trial in time they’ll bill you for the membership which is really fucked up. Then they won’t refund you because they’ll tell you the whole thing is nonrefundable which is pretty fucked up too. I think this site is lying to everyone that uses it to be honest.

  2. If you ask me, this site should be avoided at all costs. I used it for a while and I couldn’t stand it. All of the women were so rude when I messaged them. If you don’t want to fuck, why are you on a site like this? Seriously, what’s the fucking point? I hated the time I spent on this site.

  3. Jack Scurvy Shelley

    If you think this site is bad then I’d hate to see what you think of other sites that are even worse. This one isn’t great, but it’s definitely not the worst either. I wish I’d known this site was so bad beforehand, you know? I could have saved myself quite a bit of time instead of wasting it like I did.

  4. I have a few questions about this site but no one seems to want to answer them! I need to know what it’s like before I join. I won’t ever join one of these sites without looking into what they’re like beforehand so I always do my research before I even sign up for the free trial or anything like that.

  5. Doyle Reiss

    I don’t know what to say here, honestly. What do I even put in this little comment box? What I think of the site? What I think other people will think of the site? I just don’t know and all I really know right now is that I just don’t think this site is very good compared to other sites.

  6. is a really bad site. Take that from me, who’s signed up for and used so many of these things that I kind of know what I’m talking about. You don’t want to fuck around with sites like this, trust me on that. This one is probably one of the worst of the bunch if you ask me my opinion.

  7. I hadn’t used too many sites of this kind before I used this one so I didn’t have much of a basis for comparison but I do know that this one fucking sucks. You would think I would be happy to have a way to meet women to hook up with but actually I’m just upset with how worthless this site is.

  8. Jack Purple Redblade

    Don’t use this. Seriously, just don’t. You’ll regret joining it if you take the time to sign up for a membership and make your profile look nice. There aren’t even any women on here that are worth talking to, let alone hooking up with and I bet I’m not the only one that thinks that after using this particular site.

  9. If there’s one thing I want to know about this site it’s whether or not it works on mobile. I don’t have a computer right now so I’ve been using my phone for everything so I want to know if the site loads right on the phone because I want to be able to find hookups with what I have.

  10. Antwan Thomlinson

    There’s so much wrong with this site that I honestly don’t know where to start. I really think the site could maybe be better if they fixed some of the things about it that really just drive me nuts but I guess they don’t care enough to do that. Sad, because I would have liked to find women to hook up with.

  11. Crunchy Cute Jaguar

    What is the matter with I was on here for a while and it just seemed so damn disappointing. The women aren’t exactly my type and the site itself doesn’t seem to load very well when I’m trying to get it to. It was really frustrating to try and get anything accomplished and I don’t want to be on something that makes things that difficult.

  12. The women on here don’t know what they want and it’s really fucking obnoxious. You message them to see if they want to hook up and all they have to say back is something about their life. I don’t care about your life. I just want to meet up and fuck. That’s not too much to ask, come on now.

  13. If you can’t see how bad this site is then you probably don’t have much of a concept for quality when it comes to these things. You know what, that’s not my problem. If you want to waste time on this site that’s your thing. Just don’t come crying to me when it fucks you over, because I know it will.

  14. I wish people would write less about whether or not they disliked the site and what certain parts of the sites were like, you know? I want to know what the site is all about and I feel like not enough of the reviews do that so it’s hard to figure out if I want to use this site or not.

  15. Tony Cherry

    There’s not a single thing that could make me keep using this site. It’s just so damn horrible that I don’t think even if they offered me months of free membership I wouldn’t stay because there’s just no point. If this site was anything worth using than I’d stay here because I want to be able to meet women but it’s just. Not.


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