Tips and Tricks to Find the Great Casual Dates You Need

If you want to get a date, you really do need to have the right strategies guiding you. Fortunately, we’re experts here, and even if we’re dudes like you, we know the right ways to make it happen.

It’s easier than you’d think.

There are so many guys out there that really struggle when it comes to this sort of thing, and that’s sad to us. That’s why we sat down and figured out what you really need to know.

With our guide, there’s going to be a ton of questions that you probably really needed answered…and even more that you didn’t even realize that you absolutely needed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old–our guide has you covered. We’re sure of that, and we know that no matter what you’re looking for, our guide’s going to help you out.

What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Expect from Adult Finder Sites

Knowing what you’re getting into whenever you’re using these kinds of sites is a huge part of the battle. Fortunately, we know everything there is to know.

Subscription or Free-to-Use Sites: Which Are Really Worth It?

Figuring out which sites are ultimately worth it can be a struggle, but not with the right information underneath your fingertips. Let us guide you through it.

Features That Any Adult Finder Site Absolutely Needs to Have

There are a few features that any adult finder site absolutely needs, and we know all about that. Here are our tips to having the best site out there in general.

Sneaky Site Scams That You’ve Got to Learn to Spot

Sometimes, you’re not even going to realize that you’re being scammed until it’s too late...unless you’ve got all of this info available to you. Let us help you out.

Site Profile Tips That Will Make You Really Stand Out

Having the right site profile is really going to make a difference, and you need that in order to stand out to these ladies. Here’s how to make the perfect profile.

The Art of the Site Search: What Do You Really Want to Look For?

Looking for the right things is going to guide you to the right woman, and that’s a fact that we’ve figured out. Here are some great ways to search for her.

What Her Site Profile Says About Her (and How to Spot Red Flags)

Taking heed of her site profile is going to tell you one hell of a lot about her--both in good and bad ways. We know the red flags that you should run from for sure.

Crafting an Icebreaker Message That Will Really Get Her Chatting Back

If you want her to chat back to you, you’ve got to know how to maintain her interest. Here’s how, and here’s how we personally write those messages, too.

When Persistence Is Rewarded, and When It Just Comes Off as Creepy

It’s okay to be persistent--to a point. You don’t want to come off as a total creep, and we know the best ways to avoid having that sort of thing happen.

The Dating Game: Spotting the Most Opportune Moment to Ask Her Out

If you want to know the best moments to ask her out, we’ve got you covered. Knowing when to really bring that question up is going to improve your game.

Put the “Date” Back in “Date”: Why a Date Will Improve Your Hookup Chances

Actually dating her is going to make her that much more willing to hop in the sack with you, and that’s a fact. Fortunately, we know how to make it happen.

Your Place or Mine?: Pros, Cons, and Facts About Where You Hook Up

Knowing where to hook up is a huge part of the battle, and that’s something that you’ve got to understand. We know the best locations for sure.

Bringing Kinky Fun into Your Hookup, and How to Make It Happen

The more kinky fun you can bring in, the better. We know the best ways to make it happen, and the best ways to really make sure that she’s ready to be involved.

Making a Graceful Exit, Or, How to Leave Afterward Without Being a Jerk

Leaving is something that you might not think about as being important, but trust us, it is. The way you make an exit is definitely going to make a huge difference.

Thinking About Seeing Her Again? Keep These Facts in Mind…

Seeing her a second time isn’t a bad thing, but you do need to do it right. Here’s how we make it happen without making it into something more than it needs to be.

Finding casual sex doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Our guide proves that, and without any doubts in our mind, we know that you’ll be able to have more fun after reading it.

This is how we do it.

These are our personal strategies and tips. This is how we get ladies climbing us like trees, and trust us, man–it really does work. You just have to give it a shot with good faith.

Dig into our guide, and you’re going to see a difference. There’s no reason for you to end up not getting what you want!


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Our Hot Picks for Adult Hookup Dating

#1 Site: XXXConnect
#2 Site: EstablishedMen
#3 Site: FuckBookNet


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