Crafting an Icebreaker Message That Will Really Get Her Chatting Back

That first message is always integral when it comes to using good adult finder sites. Without it, there’s a pretty good chance that she’s never going to think of responding.

Fortunately, we know how to get her chatting.

There’s no doubt in our minds that most finder sites have a serious outnumbering of men to women. There’s just a ton of guys around, and a lot of competition for the ladies.


There’s nothing wrong with that, honestly, if you can end up standing out and actually making her really like you. That’s the kind of thing that you really can’t forget about.

Once you know how to start chatting with her and make her actually interested in you, you’ll end up being golden. That’s a fact, but a lot of guys out there just don’t know where to start.

Knowing How to Get Her Chatting With That First Message is Crucial, and We Know All About It.

She’s going to already be getting dozens of messages daily. There’s a good chance that if your message isn’t good enough, she’s probably just going to end up ignoring it.

Because that’s the last thing that you want to have happen, you really do need to work on getting a chance with her. She’s going to want someone that actually stands out.

Fortunately, we really do know how a woman’s mind ticks on these websites. You can’t be a dudebro to her; you’ve got to actually sound like a confident man for sure.

Don’t just use one-word messages.

A one-word message is really not going to end up doing you any favors. She’s not going to be into the guy that just sends her a ‘hey’ and leaves it at all up to her.

One-word responses are just going to end up making her roll her eyes and immediately delete. Here’s the thing: you aren’t good enough at this point to her to make her interested.

Even if you’ve got a really hot profile picture, you still need to be personable at the same time. If you aren’t, she’s just plain not going to ever even look at you sideways.

Don’t make it cut and paste.

Blondie in Bed

Ladies aren’t stupid. They’re going to realize pretty quick if you’re just using the same cut and paste message, and on the off-chance you mess up and forget to replace names…well.

That’s why you always need to be picky about who you’re messaging, and actually take the time to come up with a custom message for every single one of them.

You might think that you’re saving time with something like this, but ultimately, it’s just going to end up making her never want to talk to her. That’s not what you want to deal with.

Zero effort is no good.

These ladies are really not going to be into a dude that just can’t even summon up the strength to check their profile and see what they’re into and what they aren’t.

If it’s clear to them that you didn’t end up even trying to read their profile, she’s not going to be happy. That’s why you really need to be careful about it on awesome adult finder sites.

The more effort you put into a personalized message, the happier she’s going to be. That’s a fact, and that’s what’s going to end up making a huge difference among your ladies.

Talk about her interests.

That first message really does need to include stuff about her. If it doesn’t, she’s not going to be impressed, and she’s really not going to want to even think of chatting with you.

That being said, you can’t cross a line too early with this sort of thing. Talk instead about her nonsexual interests if you can, as that will make her relax a bit at first.

By doing this, she’s going to have a much better chance of actually chatting with you. That’s what you’re going to want and need, so don’t forget to go for that bit of effort.

Don’t get too racy.

Your first messages to her should never be overtly sexual. That’s just going to be trashy, and it’s definitely going to make her either mock you or delete the message entirely.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea for you to actually take the time to chat to her like she’s…a human being! Shocking, we know, but a ton of guys seem to forget about this.

Don’t be that kind of guy. Be the dude that’s a real charmer, and she’s going to be way more willing to chat with you and end up taking her pants off for you in the future.

Be nice.

There’s no doubt that some girls are going to frustrate you. That doesn’t mean that you should ever be rude or not nice to them, so make sure to go that extra mile.

It’s worth it!


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