Put the “Date” Back in “Date”: Why a Date Will Improve Your Hookup Chances

A lot of guys really just want to hookup, and that’s fine. That being said, you’ve got to go out of your way to actually try and date these girls, or it won’t end up working out.

Dating is a way to make her have more fun.

Even if you’re just trying to find casual sex, there’s a certain aspect of dating that actually needs to happen. This is the kind of thing that a ton of guys just plain forget about.


Ultimately, there’s a reason for this. Even if you’re just looking for sex, you might think that the girls are just on the exact same wavelength, when they actually need to be wined and dined.

Women aren’t usually going to be up for just jumping into bed with the first person that they meet. They need a little bit more attention than that, and that’s something to remember.

Dating Her Will Help Your Chances of Fun, and That’s a Fact. We Know All the Reasons Why.

A lot of guys out there think that hookups are all about just, well, hooking up. That’s not exactly the case, and you’ve got to remember that if you want success in general.

These ladies aren’t going to really be into the idea of a guy just showing up for two seconds and then leaving. That’s not going to end up being sexy to them, and that’s a bad thing.

You really want to please her, and that’s going to be the thing that helps you get in her pants that much more often. It’ll go one hell of a long way if you can really work that end of it.

You’ve got to put some dating effort in.

Couple on Date

Even if you’re just meeting her up for a quick round of sex, you’ve still got to put some effort in. Take her out to fast food for all we care, or even bring her a homecooked meal.

This is the kind of thing that’s going to show that you actually do give a damn about her, even in the smallest of ways. If you can’t do that, it’s going to really flop for you.

Being able to at least fake that you’re on a date with her is really going to end up being something that stands out to her. Most guys won’t bother, so don’t be most guys.

Don’t treat it like a chore.

Even if you’re just meeting her up for some crazy sex, you need to realize that you’ve got a lovely lady on your arm, and that’s a good thing. Don’t make it into something horrible.

You’ve got a chance to take her out to dinner and really show her around town. You can make a lovely evening out of it and actually end up having a great time with her.

Admittedly, this isn’t always going to have to be something that you do, but at first, you really should try to go this particular route in order to impress the ladies that you’re with.

It’s another layer to the fun.

There are so many guys out there that just think of this sort of thing as a chore that it’s very sad. Even if you weren’t in it to get a date, you still need to have fun with it.

This will end up building up your chemistry throughout the evening if nothing else. Being able to remember that and move on from there is going to really amp it up.

Not only will she appreciate it, but you’ll end up being one of her favorites later on. Many guys just don’t even try to make this sort of thing happen, and that’s a shame.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate.

A lot of guys start balking at the idea of actually going out on a date with a woman, because they ultimately think that they’re going to have to spend a ton of money.

That really doesn’t have to happen. You can end up taking her out to a chain restaurant or to a street fair, and that’s still going to be something more than most guys.

That’s why you really just need to go that little bit of an extra mile. She’s going to remember it, and she’s going to be one hell of a lot more into you because of that fact.

Get to know one another.

The other thing that you really do need to realize is that by actually taking her out and having fun with her, you’re going to be getting to know her better. That’s a good thing.

It’s not just a way to really have fun with one another, but it’s a good way to recognize any warning signs if there happen to be any. That’s the sort of thing that you need.

Being able to recognize something going wrong is going to save you a lot of grief in the future. Don’t forget this, and really take the time to at least take her out to dinner.

It’s worth it.

If you want to get laid more, you can’t skip this step!


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