When Persistence Is Rewarded, and When It Just Comes Off as Creepy

We really do understand the desire to finally get a girl to talk to us, but at the same time, you can’t be creepy about it on these sites. There’s a fine line that you’ll have to skirt.

Don’t end up being overly pushy.

The thing that you’re ultimately going to have to realize when you’re trying to find casual sex is that the ladies are the ones that are in control here. That’s the end and be all of it.


If you can’t figure that out, then you’re going to just end up coming off as a creep in a lot of circumstances. You’ve got to realize that you’re going to be waiting on them quite a bit.

Without realizing this, there are a lot of lines that you can end up crossing in a very bad way. You don’t want to come off in a bad way, and that’s something to always remember.

Not Coming Off as a Creep is Important, so Keep This in Mind. We Know How to Prevent That.

The thing that you’re always going to have to remember on these sites is that she gets dozens and dozens of e-mails daily. She’s probably going to end up feeling harassed, actually.

With that in mind, you don’t need to be one of the dudes online that just ends up rubbing her the wrong way. You need to be the dude that actually comes off as an awesome guy.

That being said…if you start being too persistent, she’s going to end up running screaming. That’s a fact that is going to end up being impossible to ignore for you.

There’s a time to try again.

Annoyed Girl

You might find yourself thinking that she just overlooked your thoughtful, beautiful message that you sent, because there were so many complete and utter idiots out there.

That may be the case, but chances are, she didn’t respond for a reason. That’s why you’ve got to start being a good judge of whether or not she actually is into you.

If you send a second message and she doesn’t respond, then it’s time to really just step back. She’s not into you, bro, and that’s something that you’re going to have to get.

If you try and don’t succeed…

Here’s the thing: it’s well within your rights to send her a second message. If she’s just plain not responding to that one, either, then it’s time to accept she’s not into you.

This is something that a ton of guys just really can’t click with. It’s unfortunate, but it’s something that happens a lot on these kinds of sites for one reason or another.

Ultimately, it’s probably not even your fault. She might have already found someone and didn’t take down her profile, or maybe you two just aren’t compatible kink wise.

You can’t take it personally.

Even if she does end up replying to you, if her responses are brief and curt, then chances are, it’s never going to end up going anywhere. You can’t take this personally.

Sending her messages after she’s clearly ready to just bring it to an end is really not a good idea. You don’t want to waste your time with a girl that’s just not into you.

You also don’t want to come off as a cyber stalker. There’s no quicker way for her to end up reporting you, and for you to actually end up in trouble with the real life law.

Constantly reread messages.

You’re going to need to get a lot better at picking up cues whenever you’re trying to get a date online, because without that, you can end up running yourself off of a cliff.

Check back over your last couple of conversations, and see if she’s really and genuinely interested. If she doesn’t seem to be responding as much, that’s a bad sign.

You’re going to really need to monitor this sort of thing, because without doing so, it’s just not going to end well. Chances are, she’ll probably just want you to end up going away.

She’s allowed to stop talking.

Just because you had a conversation with her doesn’t mean that she can’t ever escape you. She’s well within her rights to end up leaving a conversation and never coming back.

If you can’t realize this, then it’s important for you to actually take the time to step back from these sites for awhile. You don’t own her just because you chatted with her once.

Don’t be a creep, and don’t scare her off. These ladies are already in pretty low reserves for us online, and we don’t want to end up making more of them leave the scene.

Be cool.

Be a cool, nice guy, and it will pay off. We’re sure of that.


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