Why You Should Hit up Kink Sites

One of the best things about online dating is that you can find anything you want. If you have a very specific fetish and you lived in a time before online dating, you just had to hope that you found someone who wouldn’t leave you because of it. Imagine having a foot fetish in the 1400s, for example. That had to be awkward. These days, however, you don’t even have to be kinky in order to get the best that kink sites have to offer. Even if you don’t think of kink sites automatically, here’s why you should check them out anyway. Casual Sex Is More Common Kink sites are filled with casual sex seekers. This is because they focus on fulfilling sexual needs that the people who use them have difficulty filling on their own. When you have an unusual kink or fetish, the idea is that you’re going to fill your needs with anyone who is willing to help you out. It isn’t about finding a love connection, it’s about being able to have a really satisfying orgasm. Most Kinks Aren’t Terrible Even if you’re not actually a kinky guy, it’s most easy to lie about this stuff. Most kinks might not be your thing, but they also…

What She Really Wants on a Date

When you’re going out with a potential hook-up that you met online, you’re going to have to at least pretend to be interested in more. Women won’t just meet with a guy from the Internet, lest they be a creeper who goes through her trash each morning or something. But she wants to get it on just as badly as you do, so instead you’ll go on a date. Whether women want to just have sex with you or actually continue dating, they all want the same thing out of said date. Give it to her and get what you want in return, it’s as simple as that. Use Your Words Men assume that the date is all about getting dressed up and then being awkward until it’s done. But that’s because they don’t take the time to use their words and actually make things less awkward. You’ll have to go through small talk like job titles and what you want to do in life, but once you’re past that keep everything on her. Use your words to tell her how beautiful and interesting she is. That’s all she really wants, especially if you’re just a sex object. Try to answer questions, but then get the conversation back to her…

How Keywords Can Help You Find the Best Dating Site

Most of us don’t realize it when we’re looking for a dating site but the words that you type into your search engine make a huge difference. While some catchall terms will get you a huge response (like “dating site”, “adult friend finder”, or “date single women”) there are varied words that you can use to get you the site that actually works. We all have different needs when it comes to dating. You wouldn’t go to a club that your chubby-chasing friend likes if you weren’t into larger women, so why would you use a site that does the same thing? Get with the program and figure out what key words will get you the most success when dating online. What Are You Looking For? Search engines can handle a few extra words, so don’t be afraid to use them. Before you go hunting online, make a list of the qualities that you want in a woman. This is your PERFECT woman, so don’t hold back. Does she like to cook? Maybe she can beat a man at arm wrestling. Perhaps she really loves hiking. Whatever it is that she is into, write down and then narrow your list even further. Once you’ve gotten an idea of the type…

Getting a Girl to Cyber Kinky Things With You

It might come as a surprise to you, but there are a lot of ladies out there that really do want to have a fun time cybering with you…and in a kinky way, too. This can really end up being a ton of fun for everyone, but you’ve got to ask her in the right way for it to happen. Being able to do this will make a huge difference, and it’s going to be a ton of fun for sure. Just make sure that you know what you’re asking for, and that you know how to really go for it beforehand. What is Kinky Cybering, Anyway? Kinky cybering is something that a ton of people really want to do whenever they’re using adult finder sites, and without a doubt, you can end up having a blast whenever you’re doing it. It’s basically sexting, but over instant messaging or over a chat system online. This can help you meet a lot of amazing ladies without ever leaving your house for the sexy times that you really do want to experience. What Kinks to Ask For Knowing what kinks to ask for is a big part of the battle. You’ve got to be able to focus on something that you’re both…

Finding Her Over an MMORPG

If you’re reading this then the chances are that you know what an MMORPG is, but maybe you just haven’t found the glory that is this thing yet. An MMORPG is a massive multiplayer online role playing game such as World of Warcraft or Runescape. They tend to be quite nerdy, but they also give huge character range and play which is their appeal. They also let people harvest pretty realistic relationships, which is why a lot of nerds do really like it. Many people find their girlfriends or online lovers over these types of games, and it’s not to be discounted for you. If you want to find a relationship and keep your head in the game then read on. Is It a Her? The first thing you’ve got to realize is that most of the time the female characters and being played by men and vice versa. So you have to decide how comfortable you are with the fact that your lady may in fact be a guy. Or maybe you’ll be okay with seeing a male character, but know that it’s a lady playing him. The gender roles can be pretty screwed up, but if you’re willing to get over that or lie to yourself about it…

Can Cyber Flings Work?

Not everyone is ready to jump from online to real life in any situation, let alone for a fling. The flings that we go through in real life can be really up and down, involving drama and emotions that not everyone is ready to deal with. That’s fine, go for the modern fling. Keeping everything online isn’t bad at all, but the question is does it really work if you do that? Let’s look at some things to see if cyber flings really can work. What is “Work”? The definition of working will be different for everyone. When you think of a fling you’re thinking of a hot woman who wants to have sex with you. The length of the fling is up for debate. Theoretically it will be short lived, but again that could be a few weeks or it could be twice. Figure out what you want from the fling and then go from there. Does She Want a Fling? The women that you meet online tend to want to be long term things. To find out if they’re down for some casual flirting and cybersex then ask her. It’s easy to blow off relationships that go wrong online since you literally would never have to talk to…


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