Why Girls Like Big Guys Too

Guys who go online looking for casual hookups might feel like they have to take the lower meat on the totem pole for whatever reason. They might feel like they’re too nerdy, too busy, too awkward, or even too fat. No matter what you think about yourself, it’s not a bad quality, it’s just part of who you are. The nerds are rising, you have a good work ethic, you take time to make sure she’s worth the effort, and as for being bigger there’s really nothing wrong with it. So what? You like food or just have a lifestyle that keeps you a little pudgy. Don’t feel like you have to settle, women like big guys too. If you don’t believe us, then read through the results of time spent questioning our female friends on bigger guys. They’re Better Cuddlers Women love to be cuddled. There’s always been that joke that after sex guys want to roll over and sleep while girls want to talk and cuddle. Well the big guys have got the advantage here because apparently they’re comfortable as hell. The extra fluff makes for more warmth and primo falling asleep type cuddling. Embrace being the teddy bear that you are. They’re Less Selfish From what we’ve…

Perfume Types That Work as a Hookup Gift

A lot of guys out there don’t realize that there are a lot of different options when it comes to perfumes, and you really can end up getting your woman something utterly and completely amazing. This is something that can really end up making a great hookup gift, so make sure to get her something good that focuses right along these lines. It’ll definitely make her think that you’re a thoughtful hookup, and she’ll probably want to end up meeting up with you again for another steamy night that ends up smelling good. The Oriental Perfumes The original sex bomb perfume, oriental perfumes definitely are going to remind you of a hot night out with a lovely lady that you couldn’t get enough of. That’s exactly what they’re supposed to be all about, and that’s ultimately why you shouldn’t be turning these kinds of perfumes down. They’re made for steamy encounters, and that’s why these kinds of cloying perfumes can really end up signaling sex kittens in her mind. That’s a good thing, so keep these in mind first and foremost for your hookups. Something Fresh and Fruity Something fresh and fruity is good for a more playful date, especially in the summer when your oriental perfumes are going to…

Online Profile Blunders to Avoid

If you’re new to online adult websites (or unused to doing much more than using the Internet to check your email) it might be kind of confusing when it comes time to fill out your online dating profile. If you don’t know what you should put down, it’s really easy to make mistakes that can be embarrassing and can even hinder your chances of catching the attention of the eligible ladies signed up with the same website. As long as you know what NOT to do, you should be able to fill out your profile well enough to ensure you get some responses from the ladies. Sharing Too Much As tempting as it might be, it’s not a good idea to share way too much personal information online. For example, providing your home address and phone number is a bad call. The same goes with information about yourself that generally only your friends and family will know. The ladies on adult finder sites don’t need to know about your relationship track record and how many times you’ve been dumped. They also don’t need to know how much you make in a year and what kind of clothing brands you prefer to wear. Keep things simple by putting just your age,…

Getting Your Profile Pic to Look Ripped

Profile pictures are like business cards. When you’re on an adult dating site there are so many people using that your profile pic is all that they look at most of the time. Make it dynamic, like a catchy business card, so that she knows that you’re the guy she wants to get with. But to make such an impression you’re going to have to go above and beyond the other guys. Looking ripped is one way to do that, but who really has the hours to put into a gym rat body? Luckily there are ways that you can get your profile picture to look swoll without ever having to step foot into a gym. Tan Your Can It’s made out to be a girly habit, but tanning actually makes you look thinner and shades your muscles for definition. Having the darker skin tone helps darken the naturally occurring shadows that you can play with by pointing a light at you while you take your pic. The darker shadows act like a contour and make the muscles pop. You should probably get this professionally done since most people in general don’t do fake tan well. You could look orange or end up having tell-tale signs like weirdly colored palms.…


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