Why Kink Sites Waste Your Time

If you’re a vanilla guy who’s been striking out a lot on your regular hookup website it can be tempting not to hop into a kinky chat. After all, everyone thinks that kink sites (and kinky people) are just nonstop sex all the time. It’s basically like the Roman orgy parties 24/7, right? Actually, if you’re not a kinky guy yourself than going onto kink sites is basically just wasting your own time. Here’s why you should skip them before you invest a lot of time. All Talk and No Action Kink sites have the idea that dipping into their forums and chat rooms is basically like stepping into an orgy, but it’s not. There’s a lot of talk about sex, and casual sex, and kinky casual sex but there actually isn’t any more casual sex going on than there is at vanilla sites. Sure, sometimes people hookup, but people sometimes hookup in other parts of the internet as well. Kink sites as a whole are all about the talking the talk instead of walking the walk. There are tons of virgins on kink sites too, as if they can even know what they’re into. Desperate Women Who Don’t Want What You Do You have to remember that the kinky…

The Best Ways to Tease the Ladies Online

There isn’t a guy alive who hasn’t thought about how amazing it would be to have more than one woman fawning over him. Unfortunately for guys everywhere, the chances of this happening for most of us are pretty slim. This doesn’t mean you need to give up your dream of becoming a babe magnet, though. That’s still a very real possibility, particularly when you’re hanging out on websites designed to help men and women find partners interested in sex and only sex. If you want to generate a ton of attention from the fairer sex, you just need to know how to tease the ladies in just the right way so that they’re throwing themselves at you. Put Yourself Out There You’re not going to attract any attention by acting like a wallflower. Women are going to pay more attention to a man who’s making an effort to be noticed. This isn’t a license for you to become outspoken or obnoxious, but it is a license for you to be more openly flirtatious. Being funny is also a great way to garner attention. Just be aware that there’s a fine line between putting yourself out there and being really irritating. For obvious reasons, you’d like to avoid the latter. If…

5 Signs She’s Having Second Thoughts about the Hookup

The last thing you want when you’re about to hook-up with a woman is that she doesn’t want you to anymore. There are lots of reasons why she might change her mind, and while it sucks for you it would suck more if you did something and later realized that she didn’t want you to. Here are 5 warning signs to look out for: if she’s giving off these signals, you should back off before you do something you’ll regret. She Gets Really Quiet If you’ve been chatting happily until the point where you start getting down to business and then she goes quiet, you’re going to want to back off a little. A chatty person suddenly clamming up is a pretty strong sign that something is wrong. You should ask her if she’s comfortable, and if she still seems reluctant just take a little break. You can always come back to this in a couple of minutes; the happier she is, the better it’s going to be for you anyway. She Keeps Changing Her Mind about What to Watch If she can’t make up her mind what you guys should put on the television to add background noise to your hookup, that’s a pretty bad sign. If a woman…


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