Why More Flash Than Substance Can Be a Good Idea for Your Online Profile

So you’ve decided to join an adult finder website because you’re looking for a woman who’s only interested in hooking up. You might think it’s as simple as registering and paying for a membership, but that’s not the case. In order to attract the attention of all the eligible ladies you need to make sure your profile is up to task. Some guys choose to play it safe in this department because they don’t want to look too overblown. But if you really want to get the women on the site to notice you, you need to make a statement. Easier to Notice If you’ve set up your profile so that it has a ton of pictures of you looking awesome accompanied by funny quotes and statements, people are going to notice you easier than they would the other guys who have boring profiles. This is exactly what you want because when the competition is this fierce, it’s go big or go home. You want your profile to draw the eye and keep people entertained, so don’t be afraid to make bold statements in the fields you fill out. You also shouldn’t be afraid to show a little skin in your photos-don’t go fully nude, but show off your upper…

What to Say When You’re Stuck in a Sexting Session

It can be hard to sext. On the one hand you’ve got to think of all these great things to tell her, and on the other hand is… Well, your other hand is busy. It’s easy to get into a bind when you’ve got all the blood flowing to your other brain, so it helps to try to keep these tips in mind before you get into your next sexting session. The less planning you have to do in the heat of the moment, the better. Envision What You’d Do If She Were with You This is a standard because it’s so good. In the fantasy world, everything can be perfect. It’s what would happen if she were with you and neither of you had any flaws. You have the six pack abs she dreams about and she’s as smooth as silk and it’s all very sexy and not like how it would be in real life. Imagine what you’d do to her and then take away all the limits. If she were right next to you right now, you’d eat her out while she did a hand stand and sucked your dick. Sure, in real life that position would probably be uncomfortable, but it sounds sexy as hell. Don’t…

Top 3 Reasons Online Dating Is Better for Hookups

Online dating is the best thing that’s ever happened to dating. Newspaper classifieds used to be the go to hookup creation, and those were expensive (relatively) and didn’t put you in touch with hundreds of people at the touch of a button. You can still hit the bar to find a hot woman, just like your ancestors have been doing for a couple hundred years, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a high success rate. The guy who stands out from the crowd online is going to get way more hookups than a guy who makes a big impression at a bar. Here’s the top three reasons online hookups are on the rise while bar hookups are being beat out. You Can Reach More Women at Once How many times have you strolled into the bar, bought a drink, and then proceeded to hold three different conversations with equally hot and available women? Probably never. There’s only one of you, so when you’re interacting face to face you automatically have to choose between your options. Do you go for the hottest woman in the room, knowing that she’s going to have a lot of men after her? Or would you rather take a safer bet by hitting…

The Most Outdated Date Ideas

There are plenty of date ideas out there that are just not going to even come close to giving you good results, and a lot of them, in part, are because they’re just plain old-fashioned or out of date. That’s not the kind of thing that you want to end up taking your hookup on before taking her back to your hotel room, so keep these dates in mind…and never let them happen unless she really requests them! This is the kind of thing that you just need to know about, because it will definitely make you that much more successful in the hookup circuit for sure. Dinner and Movie Dates While a lot of people seem to think that movie dates are really the way to be these days, that’s just not the case at all. You really need to avoid taking your hookup to these kinds of dates, because ultimately, they give a romantic impression…and they just don’t work for any sort of chatting or bonding. You’ll be locked up in a dark room for hours and you won’t be able to talk. Keep this in mind, and with that in your head, avoid these kinds of dates for sure. The Park Date For Sure There’s no reason…


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