The Hottest Things You Can Say to a Woman in Chats

Online hookups aren’t just about rushing off to have sex with a stranger. Often it can be just as fun to stay in and have a steamy chat session. You can webcam, sext, or just have a dirty chat for hours. This comes with the perks of being much safer, much cheaper, and means that you don’t have to deal with her once you’re done getting off. All you have to do is leave the chat and you never have to talk to her again. To keep her interested until you’re done, of course, it helps to be able to sweeten the pot somewhat. Here are things that you should talk about to get her hot under the collar and willing to chat with you all night long. Acts That Give Her the Power Women love to be in control of sex. They’re so often passive in the courtship phase (letting guys do things for them, etc) that it feels good for them to be able to take the lead for once. Plus, it’s proof that they really are good in bed. When you’re trying to get her hot, talk about things that she could do to take control of the situation and you. Women love oral anyway, so just…

Online Profile Blunders to Avoid

If you’re new to online adult websites (or unused to doing much more than using the Internet to check your email) it might be kind of confusing when it comes time to fill out your online dating profile. If you don’t know what you should put down, it’s really easy to make mistakes that can be embarrassing and can even hinder your chances of catching the attention of the eligible ladies signed up with the same website. As long as you know what NOT to do, you should be able to fill out your profile well enough to ensure you get some responses from the ladies. Sharing Too Much As tempting as it might be, it’s not a good idea to share way too much personal information online. For example, providing your home address and phone number is a bad call. The same goes with information about yourself that generally only your friends and family will know. The ladies on adult finder sites don’t need to know about your relationship track record and how many times you’ve been dumped. They also don’t need to know how much you make in a year and what kind of clothing brands you prefer to wear. Keep things simple by putting just your age,…

How to Identify an Online Tease

Of all the women that you’ll meet online, the most frustrating kind can be termed the online teases. They pretend that they’re ready and willing to meet up, but they never quite get it to happen. They’ll flirt with you for days and chat all night, but if you actually want to meet up they’ll be nowhere to be seen. Luckily there are ways to tell when one is going to be that way so you don’t pour tons of time and effort into her before you figure out that it’s never going to happen. Look for a Lot of Pics The first thing that an online tease needs is a lot of attention. When you’re on a dating or hookup site, there’s one easy way to get attention: posting a sexy pic. So she will. She’ll do it over and over and over again until her profile is crammed full of sexy pics and you’re getting a nosebleed just looking at them all. This might be a great thing to find for other reasons, but if a woman has more than five or six pictures up on her profile, you know that she’s just in this for the attention. Look for Overuse of Emotes When you’re chatting with her,…


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